Thursday, April 24, 2014

Strange New Worlds: Uxtal

System Name: Uxtal
Sector: 3-9
Star Number & Type: 1 - K VI
Planet Number & Type: 2 - L, W
Inhabitants: None
There is little to recommend this small system. The dull orange star burns quietly, orbited by a moderately large gas giant, and a mars sized lifeless rock. While the gas giant has the usual assortment of small moons, it also has one artificial satellite.

Adventure Seeds:
  • Ages ago this sector (not this system specifically) was a very minor battlefield of a major war. A relic of that war, in the form of a damaged AI controlled super-dreadnaught limped its way to this star at sub-light speeds, and fell into orbit around the gas giant.
  • The ship’s AI began to repair the ship, but lacked some vital components necessary to repair it’s FTL drive. In the intervening years (decades? centuries? millenia?) the AI has attempted to contact it’s masters, without reply. The AI doesn’t realize that it’s communication system is damaged, and it’s sending signals with a low-power radio transmitter.
  • The AI is perfectly sane (SHOCK!), and believes it’s side lost the war. However, it is still at war, since it has not received notification officially ending the war.


  1. Interesting. I see that you're of the Gamer species. :-) lol. I have one living with me--claims to be my son, but I don't even play Farmville. I think he was switched at birth. ;-)

    So, I'm intrigued. Is this a description of a game world, or (please tell me) this is a world of your creation and even better, that it's in a book that you're writing?? I'd read it.

    Good post!

    1. Hi Teresa - It's kind of complicated. I've been building these systems to be explored/interacted with by people playing in a sort of Star Trek or Firefly style game. This is a world of my creation, but parts of it are lifted liberally from a variety of media sources. As for a book, I don't yet have one in progress. Snippets, ideas, and even a scene or two, but nothing that's yet on its way to being a book. I am pleased that you'd be interested in reading it though!