Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Strange New Worlds: Niribae

System Name: Niribae
Sector: 5-7
Star Number & Type: F III
Planet Number & Type: 2 - H, T
Inhabitants: Avians (native name unpronounceable) feathered flying humanoids
The Niribae system is somewhat resource poor, boasting only two rocky planets and a sparse asteroid belt between them. The inner planet is a highly tectonic low gravity world of towering mountains and steep valleys. In addition to it’s violent core, the world is perpetually buffeted by high winds in part due to it’s slow rotation allowing the star to warm one side of the world, while the other cools in a week long night. Out beyond the asteroid belt is a second rocky world covered in kilometers thick glaciers.

The inhabitants of Niribae are a bird like species of feathered humanoids. They have a highly complex society, though they eschew technology, even the wonders of the aliens that have visited.

Adventure Seeds
  • The flight feathers of the Avians are in high demand because of their incredible beauty. Unfortunately they’re also sacred to the Avians. Poaching can be extremely dangerous and lucrative.
  • Efforts to bring Avians to other worlds have all failed due to their being unable to handle higher gravity. Attempts to teach them to work in zero-g have been similarly futile due to the Avian’s complete rejection of technology.
  • A team of scientists and videographers want to make a documentary of life on Niribae. They need transportation, and protection. One of the members of the group is really a scout for poachers/pirates.


  1. Sounds like a very harsh climate! I like the idea of bird people in such a place, though.

    I don't recall if I said this before, but I like the background of your blog being the blueprints. That's neat!

  2. We had a long campaign with bird creatures in Changeling once. I loved the different society that we as diplomats had to tactfully deal with :)

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