Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Crowley’s fellow adventurers part 2

Continuing to work on the party members, I did some cleanup on the bard, adding in some skin highlights with Tanned Flesh Highlight, and lightening up the hair with Earth Brown with some Dirty Bone. While I think it’s looking fairly good, my bride thinks he looks jaundiced.

The armor and sword were painted with Blade Steel and Cursed Gold. I brightened the red with some pure Fresh Blood, and added some yellow stripes on his pants. I also put a red stripe in the yellow of the sleeve, though I find myself thinking he needs some blue in his outfit. Given that he’s a bard, the only party member who might out bling him would be the paladin, and even then, the paladin likely won’t be as flamboyant!

The warlock I cleaned up the blocked colors, highlighted the flesh, realized that the hand holding the sword was actually gloved so then painted over the freshly painted flesh with Earth Brown. The sword and flame were based in Nightmare black, and then lightened up with Eldritch Purple. The boots were painted with Dungeon Grey and then highlighted with Stone Grey. I brought up the blue again, adding in more highlights, and then used some of the same blue to work on the feathers. I still don’t think I’ve got it, but I’m not sure what else I can do.

The bases for both were dry brushed with Dungeon Grey, then Stone Grey, then a Stone Grey and Sepia Wash mix to give it a brown tint. That didn’t really give me the color I wanted, so I went back and reread what I did for Fulhoff and Thorin, and pulled out my redbrick shadow.

The monk’s cloak was painted with Earth Brown, and then Pine Green over it to represent the Cloak of Elvenkind. I decided to keep the robes neutral in color, with the pants dark grey, and the top a light grey, almost white. After cleaning up the skin some, and painting the eyes Blade Steel I painted the hair with a base of Earth Brown, then Pumpkin Orange, Fiery Orange, and finally Sun Yellow highlights. The belt got the same colors, except for the yellow. I haven’t decided what color the wrist and ankle wrapping should be.

I’ve gotten feedback from all 3 players, and they’re thrilled with how they’re coming out! So now I just need to keep on, and finish them up.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Stonehell: Hothouse Blues

Session 82 was played on 10/28

Eiric, wizard 7 (Kat)
- men at arms (Mulligan)
- linkman (Nolmar)
Brie, wizard 4 (Apprentice to Eiric)
A-A-Ron, Thief 6 (Henchman)
Orpheus, Human Fighter 6 (Henchman)
Darryl, Cleric 6 (Henchman)
Karl, Dwarf 7 (Julia)
- Hobart (dog)
- men at arms (Dar, Lorman, Cadwell)
Lex the Cheeseman, Fighter 4 (Henchman)
Koltic, Cleric 3 (Chris)
- Grishnaz, Goblin
Blix, Fighter 1 (henchman)
Kili, Dwarf Cleric 3 (Matt)

Heading into the Hothouse, the party keeps to the west and south, following the long hallway. The weird light makes all of the vegetation seem more vibrantly colored than it does on the surface, and the smell of growing and rotting plants overwhelms any other smells. Disturbingly there are occasional bones that can be seen sticking out of the thick loam.

Off in the far end of one room they spy a hive of giant bees. Avoiding that, they turn into what was once a large dining hall. Long tables and benches, now covered with moss and small plants run the length of the room. 3 thorny bushes uproot themselves and scurry toward the party. THeir spiky branches scratch ineffectively against the armor and shields of the front of the party, and they’re quickly hacked apart.

Beyond the dining hall is a kitchen with a bush growing out of the sink. Nolmar collects some berries from it. The pantry door is wedged stuck, but Karl forces it open. The smell of rotting flesh blows over everyone and all of the newer hirelings are overcome with nausea. Everyone else manages to keep their lunches down. Karl, Orpheus, and A-A-Ron, head in, and make sure it’s safe. The pantry is free of dirt and vegetation, but among the slowly rotting hunks of meat hanging from hooks is the body of a former adventurer. The armor and equipment of the warrior long rotted was of no interest, but the small pouch of coins and jewels were snagged. The next room over is a dry pantry, and another dead adventurer. This leather clad thief was wearing a fancy hat and hair pin that had survived the years(?) since her death. Karl put on the hat. The rest of the party rushed through the stink of the meat pantry to catch up.

The next room was another kitchen. This one covered in large dandelion like plants. One of them puffed out a cloud of fluff that stung like mosquitoes. Nolmar and Lex took the brunt of the fluff, and tried to brush it away, but where it touched skin, it stuck! Karl sprayed them down with PowerThirst and lit them both up. Lex suffered through it, but Nolmar was only saved by the quick intervention of Darryl. Deciding that trying to make it through the kitchen covered in that white fluff was too dangerous, they sprayed another bottle of PowerThirst, and tossed in a torch and went back the way they came.

Bees! Swarming out as the party returned to the hallway, the bees attacked. Kili and Nolmar both dropped from anaphylactic shock, while Brie, Eiric, Orpheus, A-A-Ron, and Hobart only suffered minor swelling once the stingers were removed. Thankfully most of the bees died after stinging. Karl tried giving Kili the Badger Hammer, but the anti-poison effect didn’t help. Darryl’s curative magics weren’t effective either. Karl then remembered that he had an antidote potion. Amazingly, it worked! (25% chance of success!!)

Further down the hall, from another large room, the party catches the attention of 2 large soggy plant monsters. Thankfully they were slow, so the party just moved on. Unfortunately, the plant monsters weren’t the only things that had spotted the party. A patch of mushroom-men armed with spears were coming their way, and with the plan monsters behind them, the party was surrounded!

Karl, growling with frustration, soaks the lead plant monster with PowerThirst, but the flames don’t catch. It’s too wet. Eiric cracks a lightning bolt at them, and they both explode in a shower of rotting plant bits. The mushroom folk, rather than closing with their spears, toss terracotta balls toward the party. The first releases a blueish mist that knocks out Mulligan, Kili, and Holdred. The second sprays a sticky mucus over the party which quickly firms up trapping them in place. Karl freaks, and tells Eiric to burn them out! Drop a fireball! Anything as he flails ineffectively. The mushrooms then run off!

“Now what?”

From the south a large spider appears, silvery black and the size of a small pony. It climbs up onto the ceiling of the hallway, over the sticky mucus. It waves its front legs at Eiric, who recognizes that it’s a spell, but she isn’t sure what spell. It cocks its head, 8 eyes looking intently at Eiric, when she hears a new voice in her head…

Gains: Coins, fancy hat, jeweled comb
Kills: giant bees, sump monsters, strolling nettles, dandelion fluff
Losses: Nolmar

Friday, November 9, 2018

Stonehell: The Lady is a Vamp

Session 81 was played on 10/20

Eiric, wizard 7 (Kat)
- men at arms (Mulligan)
- linkman (Dungforth)
Brie, wizard 4 (Apprentice to Eiric)
A-A-Ron, Thief 6 (Henchman)
Orpheus, Human Fighter 6 (Henchman)
Karl, Dwarf 7 (Julia)
- Hobart (dog)
- men at arms (Dar)
Lex the Cheeseman, Fighter 4 (Henchman)
Koltic, Cleric 3 (Chris)
- Grishnaz, Goblin
Kili, Dwarf Cleric 3 (Matt)

Having survived approximately 5 days in the caves, the party was getting anxious. Not helped by the occasional visits by various vermin (bats, rats, spiders, etc) that were enough to keep everyone jumpy without actually being a threat. And then came the visit by an ogre scout. After making several rude comments he departed, saved by the truce of the commons. Some hours later a massive ogress and half a dozen ogres came into the room. Words were exchanged and threats issued, but again, no fight erupted.

Later, as the party rested, a swarm of giant ants emerged from the pit, and attacked the party. Most were sleeping when the attack started, and Dungforth was promptly torn in half. A few others took some damage before the pony sized bugs were squashed.

In revenge, Koltic pees on the ants, much to everyone else’s disgust. He then drags the corpses and piles them up in the passageway toward the east. Karma strikes later as there’s a loud long rumbling that dislodges several rocks, one of which strikes Koltic on the head.

On the 6th day (the party thinks), Reveka, wife and representative of Lord Faite arrives with annoyance at the party, their freeing of Ka-Nefer, and pointed comments about their lack of hygiene. In the darkness beyond their torchlight there is the hint of shadowy movement. Eiric conducts most of the negotiation. They first discuss Rocky’s riddles to the party about destroying the heart of Ka-Nefer and finding the heart somewhere in the hothouse. Kili asks if Reveka knows where the hot house is, and if she’ll take them there. She points the general direction of the hothouse out to them, but laughs at the idea of taking them there.

Eventually it comes down to the fact that the party wants *unspecified* help cleaning up the problem they created. Reveka wants blood for her help. Eiric offers up her arm. For her life’s blood (and a loss of 2 levels), she’s given a sword designed to slay mummies.

Needing to resupply, the party packs up and heads back to the surface. They meet some grumpy kobolds on the elevator, and then some mummy wardens in the passage between the Asylum and the Reptile House.

Back in town, they collect the mace that Eiric commissioned from Feris the Archmage, Kili commissions some full plate armor, and a few other mundane items are purchased. Eiric then goes to talk to Darryl. There was a lot of cajoling, but she was just able to convince him to return to the dungeon

Hiring on a few more meatshields (Lorman, Cadwell) linkmen (Nolmar), and taking on a new fighter (Blix), they head back down into the dungeon, heading for the hothouse. In the Asylum they again encounter more Mummy Wardens, of which Darryl turns 2 and the other 3 are slaughtered. Down in the 3rd level, they prepare to enter the warm and humid hothouse. The hallways are choked with vines, moss, and fern-like plants, making visibility difficult in spite of the weird light.

Before going in a kobold pops up with a lavender scented letter from Reveka.

Carstahz was rather put out to find that I’d given his sword away. I probably should have asked. Oh well, I guess you’ll have to beg his forgiveness.
Good luck with Ka-Nefer!
P.S. You’re absolutely delicious. Caz really enjoyed tasting you on my lips. We’ll have to do that again sometime.

Gains: ~500gp
Kills: 6 giant ants, 9 mummy wardens
Losses: Dungforth

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

5e: Violations of Etiquette

From: Sir Fulhoff of Clan Balderk, Knight of Hawk’s Nest, Battle Mage
To: Helja and Adrik of Clan Balderk

Mother and Father:

While the pigs were probably going to get the job done, Bran makes sure to put Gua out of her misery. We summon Moog & Plak back to the village, free some prisoners who’d been captured by the giants, and take them all back to Goldenfields. With Moog installed as the new queen we’re hoping that things will quiet down.

We spend a couple of days in Goldenfields recovering, and then head to just outside the town to activate the teleportation spell embedded in the conch. The magic of the shell is beyond old, and feels different from any other teleport spell I’ve ever encountered. It deposited us far out under the trackless sea in a coral palace lit from within by bioluminescent life in a myriad of forms. The air was rich with the smell of salt water and the sounds of pipe music and singing from above.

Following the music, which Aramil began to accompany on his lute, we found ourselves witness to a spectacle that is difficult to fully express. A pair of storm giant princesses were performing before an assortment of giant nobility. One was singing, while the other was playing a giant crab, the shell encrusted with coral growths. The whale bone mallets she tapped the crab with caused it to emit the organ sounds, along with tiny sprays of water. It was hauntingly beautiful, and the way the sound carried in the chamber was impossible to put into words. Aramil was in tears.

As the music ended, the princesses addressed us, and the rest of the giants turned their attention our way. They were haughty, and insulting, and dismissed our concerns. Neither was the princess we’d come to see, and we were guarded in what we’d say. While deciding what to do with us, we were sent to a guest room. The guard outside the door was… perhaps more receptive to our words, especially when we mentioned the oricle, and explained that we absolutely had to speak with Princess Seresa. One guard went off with our message...

Princess, Mirin, having intercepted the message, came to escort us to her sister. Or so she said. We found ourselves back in the portal chamber where we’d first materialized, and there were the giant nobles. She left us with them, and ascended the stairs back toward the music room.

“We came to talk, it doesn’t have to come to blows” I cautioned them. They were unreceptive to my words, so I tapped the ground in front of me with the Astorian Gavel of the Venn Rune (aka my Hammer of Justice). A shockwave of power washed over the room, and the giants recognized the danger of attacking, knowing they’d receive a backlash of power. The Jarl Hellenhild the frost giant was impressed at our moxy and cunning, and convinced the rest of the giants to hear us out… at least until the effect of the artifact ended.

We told them a condensed version of what happened with the Eye of the Alfather, Imryth the Blue, and our adventures. The Frost Giant Jarl, in spite of not being a fan of Harshnag, and the Stone Giant Thane Braxal were convinced that we should talk to Princess Seresa. The cloud giant Count Va’Al was on the fence, and Duchess Tartha the fire giantess wanted nothing more than to squish us under her steel clad heel, and she egged on the cloud giant to help her.

Joda took the initiative, lit up, and charged toward the fire giantess. Each step she took pushed her a little higher up in the air with a flash of divine fire from her feet. Her first strike, in the center of the giantess’ breastplate, caved in the armor and knocked the breath out of her. 3 more solid strikes followed that up, concluding with a fiery kick to the giantess’ jaw.

I conjured ropes of ethereal shadow at the Fire Giantess’ feet that coiled around her legs, her weapons, and hands, tightening with the strength of my arcane power.

Hilda charged over to the cloud giant, and knocked him to his knees with 2 clean blows from her sword. Aramil and Bran shot the fire giant. Joda continued to lay into her with fists and feet, divine fire flashing against the flames of the giantess. I tossed a lightning bolt at the cloud giant, who’d stood up and landed a painful blow on Hilda. I envy her ability to take a hit like that and shrug it off. Hilda again knocked the cloud giant down, and threatened to take his family jewels if he got back up.

A couple more arrows, and the squeezing of the ethereal ropes finished off the fire giantess. She didn’t even get off a scream as the ropes had coiled around her neck. The cloud giant, still on his knees, yielded. The frost and storm giants gloated. “We told you not to underestimate them. Come, let’s go see if we can’t get you an audience with the Princess.”

Monday, November 5, 2018

Undead of October part 6

Okay, time to knock off the demi-human trio. Fairly simple work, I added a highlight on their cloaks, another highlight of splintered bone on their skulls, and then flocked their bases.

While I was highlighting the bone, I also did the same to the other skeletal figures. I also painted the bone handles in Hecklemeyer’s hands, and the minotaur’s stone hammer head.

Moving on from there, I decided to work on the dragonborn skeleton’s shield. The shape of it doesn’t really lend itself to the same iron crown, so I went with the mace design. I’m not sure who the lich lord has doing his skeleton’s shields, but it clearly isn’t anyone with any particular skill.

With that, the minotaur and dragonborn skeletons are based and done!

Next up, DEATH. Since the robe is the majority of the mini, it was time to deal with that. Nightmare black was the base, and I don’t want to brighten it up too much, though it needs highlighting, I started by adding a bit of runic purple, and then some spectral white, and then hit it all with a black wash to bring it down again.

The Dust King got some Cursed Gold accents, the fur on the robe was painted with a 50/50 Succubus Kiss+Earth Brown base coat, brought up to pure Earth Brown, and then with some Dirty Bone highlights. I decided to base him and DEATH the same as the rest of the skeletons, in part because it’s easy and it ties them all together visually. Also because I wasn’t really sure what else to do with them. Plus, as they’re tabletop pieces, I didn’t want to over focus on basing.

Of course I say that and…
The mummies got a little attention, but mostly just their bases. Unlike the rest of the undead, I don’t see these guys strolling through a grassy yard, and I don’t have anything based in the desert, so dungeon it is! A little bit of greenstuff and a sculpting tool, and they’re now on flagstone bases!

The Demi-litch also wasn’t going to cut it with some grassy turf, or even dungeon floor. I wanted to do a fancier base, so I’m gonna try for tiles. We’ll see how this works out. You can sort of see him hanging out behind the mummues.

The other mummies I did a little work on their exposed skin, painting it with Dark Flesh, but were otherwise ignored...

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Bard, Monk, and Warlock part 1

Of course since I'm in the middle of my Undead of October project, I just *had* to start on something else...

As you know, I’ve been playing in Storm King’s Thunder at my FLGS, and since I have lots of minis, I’ve basically been providing the minis for the game, including for my fellow players. However, in spite of how expansive my collection is, I don’t always have a perfect match… sometimes not even close to a good match.

This was the case for the party’s human warlock and bard. For the warlock, I was using an elven bladesinger, and the bard was a female elven bard, both from the Chainmail line. It was not a good fit for the rogue-like warlock, and my utter and total lack of male bards of any type was frankly astonishing.

The monk was okay (also from the chainmail line), but as an asamar, the skin was wrong, and the colors of everything else was off too.

So with my most recent order I selected some new minis.

14544: Ian, Ivy Crown Mage for the warlock
02500: Fergus the Weaver for the bard

After washing them and taking care of a bit of flash and moldlines (very minor in both cases) I mixed up some greenstuff and pressed out new bases to match the bases I’ve made for the rest of the party’s minis from the Ruined Courtyard stamp from Happy Seppuku. Once the greenstuff was cured I spray primed them black, and then got to painting.

I’m still blocking in colors, and checking with my fellow players to make sure they match what they picture in their minds. I used Tanned Flesh for the warlock and and bard’s skin, and NMM Gold for the monk’s skin. Beyond that I’m not really sure what to do for the monk… Waiting on feedback.

A decent enough start, and characterful minis to work on. I'm thinking of trying to paint the warlock's mantle with stylized raven's feathers, and the bard is gonna need to be brightened up a bunch. Also, how do you paint a sword and spell effect to look like shadow?

Friday, November 2, 2018

5e: Pigging out on Cake

From: Sir Fulhoff of Clan Balderk, Knight of Hawk’s Nest, Battle Mage
To: Helja and Adrik of Clan Balderk

Mother and Father:

The flight to the hill giant village was mostly uneventful. Bran was remarkably obsessive about keeping track of the ship’s stores, and had noted that there was a slight increase in what was being eaten over what there should have been. I put it up to Thorin’s midnight snacks. Bran thought it might be rats, so he summoned a giant badger from his bag of tricks and sent it hunting. It found a halfling who’d stowed aboard, following Thorin.

We decided that rather than tossing him overboard, we’d let him earn his keep.

Arriving at the village we circled high overhead, and Bran flew down as a crow to check it all out. Goblins, orcs, hobgoblins, ogres, and of course hill giants were all over, as were massive pens of pigs and sheep. Within the main structure was the “throne room” where a massive hill giant presided over her court from atop a splintering wagon. A hobgoblin presented her with a giant artifact. Discussing how to obtain the conch shell we needed, I was strongly in favor of a night time assault from above. The rest of the party was more in favor of a sneak attack… from a cake.

I argued that we could do the sneak attack that night and that we didn’t have a cake. They pointed out that Goldenfields wasn’t that far away…

The bakers in Goldenfields were all too happy to assist in the ridiculous plan.

While the cake baking was in progress, Bran, Aramil and the halfling went out to try to rally the female hill giants banished from the tribe by Gua. They managed to find 3, including Moog, the one we’d met a while back. Of the three, they convinced Moog and Prek to join us. Only having the 2 we decided not to risk their lives trying to fight our way in. The joined us, but only up to about a mile from the village. They’d wait for our signal to come.

I ended up in the cake, along with the halfling, Hilda, and Joda. Bran and Aramil would be the face of the delegation from Goldenfields bringing tribute to Queen Gua. We were stopped at the gate, where the guards sampled the cake and ale we were bringing. Then slowly the carts were brought in to the throneroom, and Bran and Aramil made flowery speeches about the greatness of Gau, and how her immenseness is clearly a sign of divine favor. Using these speeches, they got closer and closer to Gua, and as Aramil switches over to talking about how the giant females miss their husbands, and how Gua is keeping them from each other, Bran Thunder-stepped the two of them up onto the walkway running around the edge of the room.

Even in the cake, we could hear that! I Thunderwaved the cake off of us, caught sight of the obese giant, and charged in. Gua swung at me twice, hitting once. At least I had her attention! Bran and Aramil took out a pair of goblins who were on the walkway with them. Joda flamed on, and flew into Gua’s face feet first, while Hilda jumped up next to me swinging wildly, and sending much of the junk on the cart flying everywhere. She even managed to send a wad of icing into Gua’s eyes, blinding her! The giants and ogres converge on us. Teva spends his time stabbing giants and ogres in their feet from under the carts.

One of Gua’s giant’s hit me from behind, and I decided that since Hilda and Joda had Gua in hand, I’d get out of the way, and flew up toward the ceiling. Aramil rushes back along the walkway, and then cries out to the giants that Gua isn’t divinely favored, and that she’s nothing but a pig… and then he polymorphed her into one. The giants all paused to consider this, though the ogres were unimpressed.

From within one of her many fleshy folds a goblin popped out, and rolled to the ground. The sudden change in weight caused the cart to creek ominously. The pig-Gua charge Hilda, who caught it and pushed it back. The cart continued to creak as the combatants shifted around. Hilda kicked pig-Gua back, and then hacked at the cart with her flaming sword. Teva popped out from under the cake cart to do the same. I launched a Vitriolic Sphere at a trio of ogres were were converging on Bran and Aramil. The cart snapped, and as it hit the floor, the floor below began to crack. Hilda and Teva jumped back, kicking stuff off the cart as they went, including a conch shell! Gua suddenly returned to her obese self, causing the floor to buckle. She (and the cart) began to fall in. I helped by hitting her with a lightning bolt, while Bran lightning bolted 2 ogres, dropping them.

Even the 100’ fall didn’t kill Gua, but she was massively injured, and basically imobile. Maybe the pigs below will finish her off?

It was about this point Thorin and Rin managed to extricate themselves from the ale barrels they'd been hiding in. Somehow they'd ended up in the bottom of the pile. I’m sure the bards will make it sound like Thorin single-handedly slayed the giant queen…

Thursday, November 1, 2018

October in Review

The spookiest month has come and gone, and it was another busy one filled with a vacation (my first in a year), excellent time hanging out with friends, gaming, painting, and the final Read an RPG in Public week of the year.


Stonehell group is delving deeper, looking for the solution to their mummy problem. I think things are really going to come to a head with Ka-Nefer soon. I did not expect Eiric’s player to offer up her own blood to the vampire Reveka… We’ll see if 2 levels lost was worth the sacrifice.

I can really feel the story of Storm King’s Thunder is picking up speed. I’ll be hitting level 9 very shortly, and with that, another level of reality bending powers! I’m seriously tempted to do a leveled up version of my character mini…


I still haven’t finished the dancing girl, or returned to the giants, but my Undead of October project was rather more successful than I had honestly expected it to be:
9 Bones Skeletons DONE!
6 Undying (Death, minotaur, lizardman, elf, halfling, & dwarf skeletons from Bones 3) DONE!
Bone Fiend (Bones 2) DONE!
Dust King & Tomb (Bones 3) DONE!
4 mummies (Bones 2) So close…
Hecklemeyer (25th Anniversary mini)
Demi-Lich (Bones 2)
3 Nefsokar mummies (Bones 1)

Sneak preview of a couple of the completed but not blogged about minis!

17 minis complete, and the rest nearly done!

But wait! There’s more! I also started painting up 3 new character minis for my fellow players in the Storm King’s Thunder game! (More on that tomorrow)

I expect that I should be able to wrap these all up in fairly short order.

Movies/TV Watched
Iron Fist Season 2 (review soon)
Princess Mononoke
Howl’s Moving Castle
Lifeforce - So cheesy, but Mathilda May… wow!
Night of the Comet - Also so cheesy!
Hocus Pocus

None finished

Finish the Undead of October project
Finish 3 character minis
Finish Dancing Girl
Bonus Quest: Paint the beholder!