Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Strange New Worlds: Timea

System Name: Timea
Sector: 13-8
Star Number & Type: 1 - O I
Planet Number & Type: 5/6 - D, J, P (V), K, T
Inhabitants: None
This super giant blue star burns extremely brightly even on the farthest ice ball in it’s oort cloud. Closest to the star is a rocky world with a thick atmosphere that’s caused a rampant greenhouse effect. Next is a roiling gas giant, a rocky world that’s never cooled down so that it’s crust is constantly bursting with volcanic explosions, a teal gas giant, and beyond that a sparkling ice encrusted orb.

The reason the volcanic planet never cooled is because there is a second world, just slightly out of phase in the same spot of spacetime. Successful scans will reveal that the system reacts to the volcanic planet as if it was twice the mass that it is.

Adventure Seeds
  • The out of phase planet is from a mirror universe, and a new technology brought it closer to our universe, destroying their counterpart civilization in the process.
  • The mirror universe planet is slowly coming more into phase with this universe. This will also destroy the mirror universe civilization if it can’t be stopped.
  • An abandoned station still orbits the third planet, though it has been stripped of just about every usable component. One section still has power. Could someone still be aboard from the now lost civilization? Or is it someone from the mirror planet?

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