Monday, April 21, 2014

Strange New Worlds: Roni VII

System Name: Roni VII
Sector: 4-10
Star Number & Type: 3 - O II, F V, M VII
Planet Number & Type: 6 - W, E, F, T, T, O
Inhabitants: Ronians, humanoids (purple-ish skin, eyestalks)
The Roni VII system is a chaotic one. The giant blue O star is orbited closely by the red dwarf. The more blue F star orbits the pair of them, and has most of the planets of the system. Closest to the F star is a dusty irradiated rock. Next is a planet that has managed to begin to develop life, but hasn’t moved beyond single cell development. Next is the home of the Ronians, a desert world that has managed to develop an extensive and diverse ecosystem full of weird creatures, most of them venomous. Several small seas are scattered across the world, and much of the life is clustered around their shores. Beyond that are a pair of frozen worlds that are extensively mined to provide more water for the Ronians. Last is the “Wanderer” as it is known to the Ronians. This terrestrial world is frozen for most of it’s long year, looping around the F star, but it gets caught by the other stars, and whips around them before returning to it’s original orbit.

The Ronian’s have managed to not only evolve, but to develop a somewhat limited space program, though their power sources are highly inefficient. To accommodate their need to have extra fuel, their ships are significantly larger than standard. Using all the extra fuel of course results in a significant amount of toxic and radioactive waste, which is then shipped to Qualor for dumping.

Adventure Seeds:
  • The Ronian economy is built entirely around their production of the toxic fuel. Attempts to provide or encourage the development of cleaner technology will be rebuffed by the energy monopoly that is the de facto ruler of the world.
  • The venom of the ophidian known locally as the “diamond stryke” is the most potent naturally occurring poison in the known galaxy, and every vial is worth a fortune. Collecting it safely is the challenge.
  • Ancient stories say that the Wanderer is a visitor from another place, full of dark knowledge. Chemical analysis proves that it was not formed from the same material as the rest of the system. As for dark knowledge, that might be revealed during its upcoming orbit of the pair.


  1. De-facto energy monopoly rulers...oh dear. A ruling elite, ripe for the toppling I should hope.

    1. Sure, but at what cost? Topple the monopoly, and send the economy into a downward spiral that could last for years!