Thursday, April 10, 2014

Strange New Worlds: Ikkabar

System Name: Ikkabar
Sector: 11-4
Star Number & Type: 1 - O I
Planet Number & Type: 3 - W, V, F
Inhabitants: None
Ikkabar is a giant blue star with only 3 rocky worlds surrounding it. The first orbits so quickly and so close to the surface of the star that it is mostly molten and teardrop shaped. The next planet is a hot dry rock whose atmosphere baked off long ago. The final world, orbiting at an average of 20AU is a barely habitable desert world. It’s elliptical orbit brings it as close as 14AU and as far away as 38AU. At it’s closest, the radiation from the star drives what little life is on the planet underground.

Adventure Seeds:
  • There is evidence on the surface of the 3rd world that it once was a more vibrant world. Careful scans will reveal evidence of artificial construction on the surface, and underground tunnels of an advanced design. Investigation might turn up precursor artifacts.
  • The molten teardrop is a sight to behold, and the religious Drelexians built a highly shielded station disturbingly close to the star from which to view it. The station contains little beyond basic life support, lots of shielding, and a large viewing port with special filters to allow people to look directly at the star and not be blinded. The station has been abandoned since the civil war.
  • The Drelexians of Hera Draconis would like to make a pilgrimage to see the molten teardrop. The Drelex Compact patrols the outer fringe of the system frequently, mostly to keep an eye on the station.

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