Friday, April 25, 2014

Strange New Worlds: Vorcia III

System Name: Vorcia III
Sector: 11-11
Star Number & Type: 3 - A V, K VI, M VII
Planet Number & Type: 6 - D, E, I, E, J, K
Inhabitants: None
This trinary system is composed of a small blue-white star orbited by a smaller orange star and a red dwarf that orbit each other very closely. Most of the planets orbit the primary star. In the inner system is a small rocky world too close to the star to have developed life. Second is a hot rocky world that is just beginning to develop life. Next is a massive rocky world 220% the mass of Terra that had the wrong balance of chemicals, and never developed life. Beyond that is another rocky world that is also beginning to develop life, though this one is far cooler with large ice caps covering about half the surface. A small gas planet rounds out the primary star’s planets. A larger gas planet orbits the binary pair very closely.

Adventure Seeds:
  • A ship full of alien slaves has crash landed on the superworld. They have mined themselves into the superearth, and are beginning to plan to terraform the world. Only the skeleton of the slave ship remains on the surface.
  • A scout ship from the Drelex Compact arrives, broadcasting it’s claim to the system, and demanding all others vacate immediately.
  • Investigation of the hot E class planet will reveal that one of the species that has developed is a cellular mimic that will consume whoever it touches, and then reform itself in it’s meal’s image. It will retain 90% of their memories.

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