Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Strange New Worlds: Beylix Prime

System Name: Beylix Prime
Sector: 1-6
Star Number & Type: 1 - F V (main sequence orange)
Planet Number & Type: 7 - D, D, H, Y, J, M, M
Inhabitants: Fremot - Humanoid (bumpy forehead #66, Human normative skintones, pointed ears)
Beylix Prime is a mostly cold desert world, with tundra covering 80% of the landmass, and glaciers covering most of the rest. The hearty people are the descendants of a crashed colony ship, live in small roving villages, hunting and gathering as they go. They are aware of the greater stellar community, though they have been cut off from it for several hundred years. The planet’s only city has grown up around the wreck of the Ark class colony ship, it’s nuclear engine still providing power to the city.

The Fremot living in the city are a privileged class who cling to whatever technology they can, without any real understanding of it, or ability to fix or replace it. The rural Fremot have long adapted to life on the tundra, and while they’d appreciate a higher standard of living, they’re not so desperate as the city Fremot.

Adventure Seeds:
  • The PCs receive an old SOS from the Ark. An alien with a small ship has also crashed on the planet and is hiding from the natives. It repaired the Ark’s communication equipment using salvage from its own ship, and is looking to hitch a ride. It will destroy the communication equipment when it leaves if possible.
  • The city Fremot will initially appear very subservient, but will act with viciousness to try to take the PC’s equipment and ship when they think they can get away with it.
  • The rural Fremot have a working library computer, and are actually quite well educated. They keep this info from the city Fremot. At the same time as the arrival of the PCs, a young rural Fremot, tired of living the roving life, will flee to the city to tell them of the computer. The city Fremot likely kill the youth, and hunt the tundra for the computer.
  • The hides of the native snow dragon (a large furry reptile) is both beautiful and a better insulation than any synthetic and might fetch a pretty price elsewhere. Of course high demand might bring about the snow dragon’s extinction… and the end of the rural Fremot people’s way of life.


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  2. Wow. The detail of the worldbuilding is intense. Thanks for sharing a window on the games you like; I'm enjoying my visits.

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    1. I'm glad, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the series!

  3. I apologize if I missed it elsewhere, but are you generating this worlds randomly and filling in the fluff? Or are you otherwise just making them up off the top of your head?

    1. C.D. - Sorry for the late reply. A mix of both actually. I'll be doing a full post about it after the challenge.