Monday, April 7, 2014

Strange New Worlds: FirT’ak

System Name: FirT’ak
Sector: 2-6
Star Number & Type: 1 - G III
Planet Number & Type: 5 - W, H, E, K, K
Inhabitants: T’sa, small saurian humanoids
The innermost planet of this system is a star-scorched atmosphereless rock. The next world is a near perfect earth-like orb with 3 moons. It’s slightly warmer, with shallower seas, and resulting in a more tropical environment. In close orbit to it is a slightly colder, less developed world where slimes and molds are the dominant life forms. Further out are a pair of ringed Saturn-like jovians.

The T’sa are small, fast, and highly intelligent saurians with impressive crests on their heads. The females outnumber the males about 4:1, and tend to have larger more colorful crests. They are very literal in their thinking and language, which has helped their civilization develop in a relatively short time. They are ready to launch their first Warp 1 vessel to Beylix Prime.

Adventure Seeds:
The T’sa have spread out across their system with several industrial stations among the moons of the jovians, and science stations all over. Once they pick up a warp capable vessel they will attempt to make contact. They will be very curious - about everything. EVERYTHING.
The nuclear reactor powering the research station on the 3rd planet has a major malfunction. The T’sa are worried that if it goes critical it’ll permanently harm the fragile early life.
The T’sa have lost contact with their first warp vessel, and would like your help finding out what happened to it. Did he warp vessel’s energy pod fail, stranding the vessel in interstellar space? Did it encounter a space ameba? Pirates?

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