Sunday, April 13, 2014

Strange New Worlds: Keid V

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System Name: Keid V
Sector: 12-10
Star Number & Type: 3 - K V, K V, Red Dwarf
Planet Number & Type: 5, W, W, H, K, M
Inhabitants: Keidians & Kevidians, Humanoids (bumpy forehead 28 + 36, hairy all over)
Keid V A and B are both orange main sequence stars that orbit each other between 11-13AU. Keid V C is a red dwarf that orbits the K pair, and is the star with the planetary system.

Closest in is the remnants of a former planet that now is a ring of debris around the star. Further out are a pair of rocks that each orbit a central point. Slightly beyond that is a brownish inhabited world. The outer system is made up of a saturn sized gas giant and a super gas giant.

The homeworld of the Keidians & Kevidians is a mountainous orb of tall peaks full of fresh strong breezes and deep valleys thick with heavy smog. The Keidians live in high style in palaces perched on the peaks, and in airships that sail the wind. The Kevidians work and survive in the great factorums and mines below.

Adventure Seeds
  • The seemingly once a generation revolution is again brewing below the smog. Unlike previous attempts, they have already captured one palace, and a couple of airships.
  • The Dowager Empress has been keeping a small Kevidian child at her side at all times. Rumor is that he’s the son of one of the revolutionary leaders. Rumor also says he’s an alien that is psychically influencing her.


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