Saturday, April 19, 2014

Strange New Worlds: Qualor

System Name: Qualor
Sector: 5-8
Star Number & Type: 1 - M VII
Planet Number & Type: 4 - F, S, W, M
Inhabitants: Sil-lics
This small ember of a star manages to boast 4 worlds, including a super-massive gas giant that it captured eons ago that orbits nearly 150 AU from the star. Much closer in are the 3 natural worlds of the Qualor system, a barely habitable desert world that never developed life beyond simple alge, a high pressure superearth currently being terraformed into a habitat conducive for silicone based life, and a dusty rock closer to the gas giant than it’s own star.

Adventure Seeds:
  • The inhabitants of the Roni VII system have been dumping their industrial waste into Qualor’s star. This has caused an increase in flare activity, which is causing problems for the Sil-lics. They’re going to retaliate if the waste shipments don’t stop.
  • The Sil-lics are prepared to expend their holding into both Niribae and Lilak. The pirates of Lilak are prepared and will respond with force, but the Avians are defenseless.
  • The Sil-lics produce some of the best metal and glass in the galaxy, creating alloys that none can replicate. Finding a way to export some of it could turn a big profit, but it’ll be hard to do if there is war with the pirates.


  1. Oooh- cool post. I love new info.

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  2. Returning the favor by stopping by from #atozchallenge. Glad I did! This is a really neat series of posts. I especially like how you have the adventure seeds with each world.