Monday, April 14, 2014

Strange New Worlds: Lilak

System Name: Lilak
Sector: 6-8
Star Number & Type: 1 - G IV
Planet Number & Type: 5 - W, D, H, D, L
Inhabitants: Orelians, Humanoids (bumpy forehead #48, red skin, black hair), Lil-To, short humanoids (bumpy forehead #79)
The Lilak system is a near perfect example of ideal development for life: a gentle star, rocky worlds in the habitable zone, and a gas giant to help keep the inner system clear of too much meteor activity.

Lilak was originally home to the Lil-To, a short relatively peaceful race of humanoids who had developed into the iron age. It is now a colony world of the space pirates/slavers of the Orelian Syndicate. Any labor on the world is undertaken by various slave races (primarily the native Lil-To), while the Orelians enjoy a near royal existence.

Adventure Seeds:
  • While very few Lil-To have ever escaped from the Orelians, those that have are overcoming their more peaceful tendencies, and are doing all they can to free their planet, and see the Orelians wiped from the galaxy. To start with, they want to intercept the next slave ship from Lilak.
  • The Orelians are finding their Lil-To slaves less compliant than they used to be. A hunger games type event is scheduled to get them back in line. 
  • The enslavement of the world has caused numerous areas to revert to wilderness, and feral animals are beginning to cause problems for the Orelians. They'd like the problem to go away, and they're willing to carpet bomb to make it happen. This will destroy the local ecosystem.

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