Friday, April 11, 2014

Strange New Worlds: Jaemea

System Name: Jaemea
Sector: 10-7
Star Number & Type: 1 - Neutron star
Planet Number & Type: 3 - W, D, I
Inhabitants: Drelexians, Humanoids (bumpy forehead #13, red to orange skin tones), HiveBug
This ancient stellar remnant shines a faint blue white light that barely illuminates the skies of its 3 remaining satellites. The closest is the core of a super-giant Jovian, almost pure carbon compressed into a giant diamond. The second is a mars like rock with a thin atmosphere. The Drelex Compact has built an extensive subsurface colony, complete with a space elevator. The final planet is a dark super-earth, about 6 times the mass of a typical H class world. It has a thick hazy atmosphere, lots of volcanic activity, black fern forests, and extensive insectile life. The dominant species is a single huge world spanning hive that is psychically a single creature of alien intelligence.

Adventure Seeds:
  • Expeditions to the super-earth have all resulted in complete loss of life. The Drelex Compact is considering orbital bombardment. The hivemind knows, but isn’t sure what to do. It doesn’t really get that the Drelex Compact isn’t another creature like itself.
  • The diamond world is extremely difficult to mine due to the gravity waves and radiation from the star. The return on investment is worth it.
  • Miners from the diamond world have returned to the 2nd planet, carrying a mutated plague. The entire complex is under quarantine, and the infected are becoming zombie/reaver-like. It’s already spread to some of the ships in the blockade.


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