Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Strange New Worlds: Garathi Maenal

System Name: Garathi Maenal
Sector: 14-9
Star Number & Type: 1- M II
Planet Number & Type: D, B, H, W
Inhabitants: None currently. Formerly Terips (turtle-like humanoids)
This large (not giant) red star is surrounded by a thicker than normal dust cloud for a star of its age. The first planet is a large but lifeless rock with a hot thick atmosphere. No light from the dim star reaches the surface of this world. The next planet is a barely cooled molten mess that resulted from a collision between two planets, which is also the source of the thick dust in the system. The next planet is an earth-like world that is suffering through an ice age due to the numerous impacts from the planetary collision. An airless rock that once was the 2nd planet’s moon orbits on a highly elliptical and unstable path. It will eventually fall into the star.

Adventure Seeds:
The inhabitants of the 2nd planet had begun to colonize their system. Under the glaciers of the 3rd planet are the ruins of their first self-sustaining colony. Below the ruins, in a highly reinforced chamber are 2,000 cryo-chambers containing the last of their kind. The cryo chambers are designed to open when the ice age has ended.
The former moon has a now cold and lifeless lunar station … until the power came back on. Did the inhabitants put themselves into cryo sleep too, or has someone else moved in?
A probe orbits close to the star… very close. And it’s sending out a signal to the lunar station.

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