Saturday, April 5, 2014

Strange New Worlds: Eta Velorum

System Name: Eta Velorum II
Sector: 2-3
Star Number & Type: 1 - G III
Planet Number & Type: 6 - J, G, J, T, F, L
Inhabitants: Velir, amphibious humanoids (bumpy forehead #25, webbed 4 finger hands, duck-like feet, shark like teeth)
The Eta Velorum II system is centered around a normal yellow star with a small hot jovian orbiting close. At about 1AU is the only inhabited planet, a water world dotted with chains of mostly tropical volcanic islands. Much further out is another small jovian, a rocky ice world that would be ideal for terraforming if it wasn’t so far from the star, a dusty cold desert world, and a large jovian that knocks frequent comets into the inner system.

The amphibious Velir live most of their lives in their world’s oceans, and only come to the tropical islands to lay their eggs. Technologically, they’ve managed to develop to an equivalent of early 20th century earth, though it’s taken them far longer, due to the intrinsic difficulties of working underwater. They are uncomfortable out of the water for great lengths of time, and their inventors are working on ways to contain a water environment in the air.

Adventure Seeds:
The underwater civilization has gone unnoticed by exploratory probes, and a small group of colonists has settled on the largest of the worlds islands. It’s egg laying season, and the colonists are locked tight in their habitat units, while the Velir have declared the island off limits while they come to grips with advanced alien life.
A survey vessel has been damaged by one of the many rocks pinballing around the system, and has crash landed on the ice world. It’s actually a pirate vessel, but it really did crash.
The middle jovian world has managed to develop life in the atmosphere. Giant manta ray like gliders cruise through the various layers of the gas giant. There is a great demand (or will be once news gets out) for a captured a live specimen.


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