Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Violence's Violet Veil

Allianora sat with Sita Hatun Sultana in the comfortably dark and cool tavern. The relaxed atmosphere was further enhanced by the fact that the staff and patrons were all female. Added to that were the opened (and emptied) bottles of spring wine that the pair had shared as the heat of the desert sun baked the world beyond the tavern door.

"They kept me gagged initially, with my arm bound behind me. Not really very fair, since at that point I only had the one. Eventually they started using an enchantment to help keep me passive. I'm still not entirely sure what it was they wanted from me, aside from my arm, but they took great pains to make sure I remained alive. They never interrogated me, never even really spoke to me, and by the end I would only ever see them once a day, if that. By that point they didn’t really need to do much since I was so en-spelled.”

“I’m glad we got you out of there.”

“Yes, as am I.. but there was one good thing that came out of it.”

Allianora looked questioningly at her.

“While their magic did a very good job at keeping me passive, it allowed me to really focus, and by the time you rescued me, I’d managed to almost completely figure out the spell they were using on me. Over this last week, I have finished it. In fact I cast it when we entered the tavern.”

“I didn’t notice anything.”

“That’s because your thoughts don’t tend toward violence, and nothing here is encouraging it!”

Violence's Violet Veil
3nd level magic-user spell
Range: 5’ per caster level
Duration: 10 minutes per caster level
Effect: Creates a zone where causing violence is difficult

When cast, this spell creates a zone within which it is difficult to engage in any violent activity. The zone created will be 5’ in diameter/level of the caster. Anyone attempting to engage in a violent activity must make a saving throw vs spells or remain non-violent for 1 round/caster level. This will not prevent individuals from taking defensive actions.

The spell will also cause the air in the area of effect to take on a slightly purple tinge, allowing individuals to know when they have left the area of the spell’s effect.

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