Monday, April 9, 2012

Hellborn Helpers

The diminutive figures stood nervously against the wall, facing the demon trapped within the summoning circle.

“My master will never agree to that” the demon’s voice reverberated.

“Your master has already agreed to it. That’s why you’re here.” A feminine voice replied

“I don’t see how you could have obtained his agreement to this.”

“Simple, I didn’t tell him why I wanted you.” She paused, leaning forward “And he didn’t ask. After I paid him, I don’t think he cared.”

The demon growled “You want more of those... things?” The demon looked over its shoulder at the huddled figures.

“Oh yes! They’re actually quite useful. While they may be cowardly, for the most part, they can also be extremely vicious. Plus, it’s so easy to get them in where they can cause the most mayhem.”

“What do I get from this deal?”

“For providing me with an additional dozen of the little dears, I’ll tell you when and where a pilgrimage full of children can be taken for your own devices, and you’ll be able to remain on this plane until you’re done with them.”

“Very well.”

Hellborn Helpers

These small statues are the creation of demonic magics, and infused with the stuff of chaos. When placed in a home or business they will cause a wide variety of ever escalating accidents, mishaps, and other unfortunate occurrences. While not what one would generally bring into one’s house, they are often disguised under illusionary magic that makes them appear as attractive decorations.


  1. Hmm. I've never heard of these before. Are they in some publication I don't know of?

    "Where" did you get/find them?

    1. The original inspiration was from these guys, and their ilk:

  2. These Hellborn helpers remind me of the nasty gremlins that like to roam into and out of my computer sometimes. Nasty little things they are :-)

    Enjoyed your H contribution. New follower from the A to Z blogging challenge.

    Angela B.

  3. Hmm... not something we'd want to bring into a house...

  4. As someone who writes dialogue, I loved this interaction. You did a very good job!