Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ezra's Enchanted Evening

The indistinct figures moved slowly through the swirling mists. The few remaining lanterns and lights from upper windows provided a pervasive, if dim, illumination.

“How are we going to find them in this damnable fog?” Nimble asked Feris. “They could be anywhere.”

The buildings on either side of the street were barely visible “Honestly Nimble, I think we could be anywhere... I have no idea what street we’re on.”

“Fisher’s Lane.” Nimble paused. “I think. Definitely down by the docks anyway.”

“I’m tired, cold, wet, and done.” Feris dropped his backpack in the middle of the street, and began to rustle through it. “If Rathgar can’t keep track of his own coins, that’s his own damn fault. He can chase the little cut-purse himself.” Nimble then stood holding a scroll.

“What are you doing?” Nimble hissed “You can’t cast here!”

“Don’t worry.” Feris replied as he unrolled the scroll. “This is a subtle enchantment.” He read the scroll aloud, though Nimble couldn’t make out a single word. THe scroll crumbled in Feris’ hands. Feris then picked up his backpack, and smiled at Nimble, looking much less soggy. In fact, he had a kind of warm glow about him. Nimble blinked, and realized he also felt a warmth that had been lacking since they left the taven’s welcoming hearth.

A gentle breeze began to pick up off the ocean, and the fog began to clear. Above the stars sparkled.

Ezra's Enchanted Evening

2nd level Magic-User Spell
Range: 2 targets within 10’
Duration: 2 Turns/Level
Effect: 2 individuals

This spell, when cast upon a pair of beings, will give them a bonus of +1/3 levels of the caster on all charisma based rolls. In addition at level 6 it will cause local environmental factors to improve in such a way as to create a more romantic atmosphere, but only outside and at night.