Monday, April 30, 2012

Zareba - The Ring of Thorns

The companions reached the top of the small hill at a run, the dry ground crunching beneath their feet. Only a pair of small prickly scrub trees and a few rocks

"I thought we were done with them!" Allianora complained.

"Seems not" Feris replied, keeping his head down.

"We're sitting flumphs here" Nimble warned as he notched an arrow. "We need more substantial cover, and fast."

"It would be better if we could get out of here" Rathgar noted as he took aim at another of the desert orcs with his bow.

"Well I'm tapped out. I haven't had a chance to study my spell book for days!"

"I don't want to die here." Nimble said through gritted teeth, sending one of his last arrows at the orcs.

"Allianora, now might be a good time to pray." Rathgar said quietly before shooting his last arrow.

The orcs began to stalk up the hill when the tree behind them began to shake.

"I am not pleased!" came a dry voice from the tree. Dropping out of its branches a nearly naked, dirt covered man. He turned and pricked his finger upon one of the sharp spines on the tree. It's branches with shocking speed began to spread out around the top of the hill. "Now that you have your cover, I hope you have a plan.

Zareba (Ring of Thorns)
3rd level druid spell
Range: 30'
Duration: 1 hour per level
Effect: grows a ring of thorn bushes around caster

This spell causes local bushes to explosively grow in a ring around the caster. The size of the interior of the ring can be up to 5'/level. The wall will be 10' tall and 1' thick/level. Anyone attempting to pass through the wall will take 1d4 damage per foot of thickness. This spell can only be cast if there is a thorn bush/tree within the range of the spell, and will cause the plant to die at the end of the spell's duration.

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