Saturday, April 7, 2012

Galvoni's Glazing

The creatures came pouring out of the cave mouth in a nearly silent wave of maliciousness. Like a flock of birds they turned as one, aiming their horde down the side of the mountain.

“There they go” Nimble said, lowering the spyglass from his eye. The full moon above provided a bright but pale yellow light that illuminated the grotesque creatures. “They’re headed straight for town, just like the villagers said.”

“I rather expected the villagers to have exaggerated the creatures numbers.” Rathgar commented. “Still think we can stop them?”

“Absolutely!” Feris replied with a grin. “And you’re going to love how!” He then led his companions down the path to where it would intersect with the oncoming horde.

Each of the creatures had hundreds of legs running the length of their black chitinous bodies. Their heads were human shaped, though made of the same material that covered the length of their forms. Their eyes, however, were disturbingly human. Up close a soft whisper of clicks permeated the mass of monsters.

Feris pointed to a spot well past the front line of creatures, and a blue flash arched out. In the blink of an eye the entire front of the mob slowed to a mere crawl, and their bodies were covered with a layer of frost. Rathgar and Allianora moved forward and began shattering the creatures left and right.

Galvoni's Glazing
Sixth Level Magic User Spell
Range: 120’
Duration: 1 round/level
Effect: Freezes creatures within a 30’x60’ area

This spell will affect all creatures within the given area. All affected creatures will be covered with a thin layer of frost that will reduce their movement to 1/4, drop their armor class by 4, and increase all damage sustained by 2 points for every successful attack. They will also automatically go last in every round of combat.


  1. Nice! :) I think it would look really cool, visually, too. And I like the name, as usual :)

  2. A silly question: Are you inventing these guys up all by your onesie? You're creative!
    Happy Easter!


    A to Z co-host

    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      Yup, the characters, stories, items, and spells are all mine. Sometimes I'll take inspiration from something I see, but I always twist it around.