Friday, April 6, 2012

Fertilizer of Ferocious Fecundity

The shuffling of the dead grew steadily louder as many thousands of bodies lifted themselves out of their tombs, niches, and coffins. “We’re running out of time” Nimble warned.

“I know that, but we have to get this to the central chamber, otherwise it won’t work.” Alianora replied as they hurried through the crypt’s halls. Her glowing had was held outstretched, and in the crook of her other arm a jug of glowing green glop.

“Turn left up ahead.” Feris instructed as he looked up from the sketch. “According to this the room should be right around the corner.

Around the corner loose chunks of bonelike material were scattered all over the floor. getting thicker toward the doorway near the end of the hall. “Damned fools” Allianora swore. Within the door a small splinter of the material stuck out from between two of the flagstones. Allianora upended the jar, and poured the glop all over the splinter. In a second it had doubled in size. In another it had doubled again. Within 10 seconds it filled the room, and was starting to expand into the hall. A low moaning whistle began to emanate from the coral-like growth.

Fertilizer of Ferocious Fecundity

This green goop when applied to plant material will cause the plant to grow at an extremely advanced rate. One application is enough to turn a single stick into a full grown bush, ivy and vines will cover an entire wall, a thornbush will block a huge area, and a tree might reach the edge of a cloud giant’s home! The goop will have no effect on animal matter, but molds, fungus, and slimes will all grow. When used on a plant based monster it will not only automatically reach maximum hit points, but it will gain an additional 1d2+1 HD!

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  1. I love the name!!! :D Also love the idea :) Thanks!
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