Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Vrachíona - Magical Arm

Sita Hatun Sultana hurried down the street, her cloak pulled tight to ward off the cold and rain.  She knew the storm was coming, yet Feris and Allianora were waiting for her, and she was late.  Her foot splashed down into a puddle, one that hadn’t looked so deep, and cold water chilled her and soaked her legs.

“The Brass Alley is covered” She thought to herself, taking the narrow shortcut along the tinker’s shops.  It was also dark, and she did not see the large man until she was practically on top of him. 

“It’s a dangerous night for one such as you to be about.”  His voice whispered.  His leathery face, long mustache, and dark eyes gave her no hope to avoid the confrontation. 

“I am cold, and wet, and late, and you will let me pass.”  Still, there was no harm in trying. 

“I think not.” He reached toward her, grabbing the jeweled clasp at her neck. 

From beneath the cloak a metallic hand shot out, grabbing the ruffian’s wrist.  He cried out, his face contorting.  His free hand desperately attempted to peal back the silvery fingers. 

“Andreyus, quick!” he said over her shoulder.  She turned in time to see the club swinging down onto the side of her head.   


This magical artifact was designed by and created for Sita Hatun Sultana, who lost her arm while on one of her many adventures.  As she tells it, her arm had become cursed by a dark spirit trapped within a magical tome that she had gone to collect.  Eventually the tome, spirit, and her arm were destroyed.  Zabaan of the Burning Sands crafted a new arm, and imbued it with the fire of the Efreet. 

The arm provides a strength bonus of +2 over the person’s natural strength, to a minimum of 15.  It also provides a +2 bonus to dexterity.  If not using a weapon, the arm can attack for 1d4 points of damage.  

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