Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mental Manor

The thunder crashing in the distance seemed to go on continuously out beyond the walls. Flashes of light and color flickered around the edges of the doors and shuttered windows. Feris stood at the top of the stairs, looking down into the main hall of the manor. The stillness, and emptiness of the building stood out sharply against the chaos that rampaged beyond the safety of this shelter.

Exploring deeper into the building Feris discovered strange rooms that contained nothing but the whisper of a memory, as if what was once there left a little something of itself behind. The hint of pictures, of furniture, of life was everywhere, yet none was found.

After an age exploring, Feris came to a door, under which the flickering light of a fire could be seen. Pressing his hand against the door he felt the warmth of life. Turning the handle, Feris pushed the door open. A rich library complete with a fireplace and two green leather wing-backed chairs. Sitting in one was an old man, nearly skeletal with age. He turned and looked at Feris with a lack of surprise or curiosity. “Come. Sit.” he said dryly.

Feris did, and looked at the old man. “Who are you? What is this place?”

“I’m the one you’ve been searching this place for. As for what this place is? It’s my mind” he sighed sadly. “And I’ve been here an awfully long time.”

“Why was I looking for you?”

“Because I know where you can find it.”

“You have to tell me.”

“I do, but I can make you work for it. The answer is here, in this room. As you’ve seen, everything else is gone, and soon I will be too. Even here I’ve become tired, and I’m ready to see what’s really next.”

Feris began searching the shelves, but the books seemed to be in no order at all, and the going was slow. “Can you tell me if I’m close?”

The old man laughed hoarsely. “I could, but I’m not going to.”

The thunder, if it wasn’t constant before, was now, and the whole manor was beginning to shake. Books began to fall from the shelves, and a crashing sound could be heard from somewhere beyond the library door.

“What is that?” Feris yelled over the cacophony.

“That my young friend, is the sound of my mind failing, finally, to the ravages of time... If you would survive, you should leave. Now.”

“But I don’t know where it is!”

A rending noise reverberated through whatever was left of the manor. Feris looked around sadly before turning for the door. Just was he was about to close it behind him, the old man called out “Take this with you” and tossed him a locket.

Feris gasped as he opened his eyes. Turning his head, he saw the now dead body of the old warlock.

Mental Manor
6 level Magic-User Spell
Range: 0 - Caster only
Duration: Special
Effect: Sends the caster's mind into a protective location

Casting this spell will create a shelter within the mind of the caster into which the caster can retreat. The body will go into a state of hibernation, and no external stimulus can impact the mind of the caster.

If multiple magic users cast the spell at the same time and in close physical proximity they can choose to share a single Mental Manor. If cast at a later time they can use it to enter another’s Mental Manor. If caught in another’s Mental Manor when the owner dies, the visitor must make a save vs. dragon’s breath or die. Leaving a Mental Manor takes 2d12 rounds, during which time the caster navigates to the Manor’s door.

The primary benefit to using a Mental Manor is as a last ditch defense against mental attacks. However it also halves the time needed to engage in spell research, so some wizards use it for that purpose on a regular basis.

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