Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jacket of the Jackal

The sun burned red at the edge of the horizon, and cast long shadows across the dunes. The four companions sat under the edge of a large rock that offered some protection from both the wind and the heat. In moments the sun dipped below the horizon, and the sky’s color shifted rapidly with brilliant pastels.

“It always shocks me how quickly that happens in the desert.” Allianora said through cracked lips.

“Let’s get moving.” Rathgar said with a sigh. “We’ve got a ways to go tonight if we’re going to get across this wasteland.”

The companions quickly gathered their few items, and began walking toward the fading light of the day. A long howl followed by three sharp yelps pierced the quiet sounds of the desert. “Jackal” Rathgar warned. “As long as we look strong, we should be fine. Keep together.”

The companions continued on, their torches creating a bright spot in an otherwise black environment. After a time, Nimble, who had taken point stopped and held up his hand. “We’re being followed.” he said softly over his shoulder.

“More jackals?” Feris asked.

“No. What stalks us walks on two legs.” Nimble answered.

“Not entirely true.” answered a voice from the darkness. “They’re here also.”

Jacket of the Jackal
Crafted from the fur of the desert jackal this jacket is enchanted to allow the wearer to speak with jackals, to be able to see in the dark, and to grant a +2 bonus to AC.

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