Monday, April 23, 2012

Tesseracting Automated Reality Inter-Dimensional System (TARIDS)

Nimble slunk through the dark alley, retracing his steps after a successful scout. When he returned with Rathgar in an hour or two they’d show the “Shadow-King” that messing in his hometown was a bad idea.

Rounding a corner, Nimble came upon a blue wooden shed that had not been there before.

“Well hello there.” Stepping out of the shed was a man in a large brown coat, an odd hat, and a very long scarf. Held out before him was a silver wand. “This... doesn’t look like Cardiff.”

Nimble’s eyes remained on the tip of the wand. “I’ve... never heard of Cardiff.”

Seeming to realize Nimble’s worry over the wand, the gentleman tucked it into his pocket and stepped out into the alley. “It’s probably no where near here. I wouldn’t worry about it.” He then turned and examined his shed. Once again withdrawing his wand, he pointed it at a panel, which promptly popped open revealing numerous blinking lights. “Well, that’s wrong... and that shouldn’t have worked like that...” He stuck the tip of the wand into the open panel, causing both sparks and a variety of weird noises. “Hmmm...”

He turned and looked at Nimble “You wouldn’t happen to have a bit of copper on you, would you?”

Nimble pulled out a copper piece and passed it to the strange wizard before realizing what he’d just done.

“Thanks!” he turned back to the panel, inserted the wand with the coin, causing more sparks and a new noise. “There. That should do it.” Pocketing the wand he again turned toward Nimble. “Now then, I must be off. I shouldn’t be here anyway. Inter-dimensional, cross-genre contamination is always something to avoid, unless you’re sure what you’re doing, or don’t care!”

A crack of thunder rumbled overhead. “Yes, definitely time to be going. However, since you were helpful, allow me to help you out.” Opening his shed he reached in and pulled out a black umbrella and handed it to Nimble “Keep dry!”

With that he stepped inside, and closed the door. A blue light flashed on top of the shed, followed by a whooshing noise, and then it was gone.

Tesseracting Automated Reality Inter-Dimensional System (TARIDS)

This blue shed appears to be made of wood, about 10’ tall, and 5’ wide. Each side appears to be nearly identical to the others, except for the door. In spite of its appearance, the interior of the shed is massive. While it can be used for a nearly infinite storage closet, it’s true use is to travel existence. It is however very difficult to control. Without a lifetime of training, every attempt to direct its destination requires a saving throw vs. Dragon’s Breath at a -4 penalty. Failure will result in arriving at a time and location of the DM’s choosing.

Additionally, the use of a TARIDS will eventually draw the attention of numerous foes of the original manufacturers of the devices and their past users.

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