Friday, April 13, 2012

Londaer's Lawful Linothorax

The hobgoblin army’s rusty black armor contrasted sharply with the town guard’s white linen. It also much better at hiding the blood. Beyond the town’s edge the defenders met the invader’s force with shield and spears, dodging with grace and agility against the attacker’s worst blows. Even when a solid strike would hit, the sort of blow that would kill a man, the wounded defender would not only remain standing but try to hit back.

The defenders of the town were slightly outnumbered, but the ironclad foes seemed to be wilting in the heat of the day.

“Warrior’s of Londaer! To me!” The shout rang out above the chaotic melee, and the white armored troops again converged upon the banner of the Silver Sun. Grasping the waving banner was a woman of dark skin, and fierce countenance. When her troop was again formed up tight around her, she charged once more into the heart of the enemy force.

Londaer's Lawful Linothorax

This linen armor provides the same base protection as chainmail, but counts as leather armor for all other purposes. It may also be enchanted up to a bonus of +3. In addition, when worn by a lawful character it grants 1 bonus hp per level/HD and a bonus equal to its enchantment bonus (+0 to +3) to fatigue or heat related rolls.

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