Saturday, April 28, 2012


“I told you it wasn’t a good idea.” Feris chided.

“It worked, didn’t it?” Rathgar replied with exasperation.

“Sure, but in the process you got a blade through your gut, and I had to waste that bottle of ylem on you.”


“Yes! Waste! Do you have any idea what I could have done with that? What it was worth?”

“It was sparkling sludge.”

“It was the very stuff of creation!” Feris all but screamed “Unformed matter, contained energy, pure liquid magic! And I had to use it to put your intestines back into your gut! All because you had to go toe to toe with an orc! A stupid, dirty savage orc that cheated! I could have lobbed a fireball at them, but nooooo... you had to show that you could pound his face into the sand. Well job well done. You sure showed them!”

“I was trying to keep the rest of you safe by-”

“NO!” Feris finally lost it. “NO YOU WERE NOT!” You were once again putting yourself into a situation where you could show off. You put yourself in a position where we couldn’t help you. Do it again, and we’re done.

“Feris, listen I-”

“No Rathgar, you listen to me. Do it again, and I’m gone. Do you understand?”

Rathgar looked Feris in the eyes. “Sure... I get it.”

“One more time Rathgar and I’m going.”


Appearing as a thick white liquid that sparkles all of the colors of the rainbow (and then some) this substance is incredibly rare and potent. It can be used to make anything, heal just about any injury, or to add enchantment to something already in existence. However using it is tricky. Depending on the complexity of the desired outcome the character must make a minimum of 3 saving throws vs spells to manipulate the ylem. Making between 50-75% of the saves will result in success, but with complications. Over 75% and it’s a complete success. Between 25-50% and the result is wildly different than intended. Under 25% will result in something harmful, and 0% will result in a catastrophic failure.

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