Monday, April 2, 2012

Bouncing Ball

“You will either let us pass, or we will go through you.”

“Brave words, runt.” Rathgar said to the small rust colored goblin before him. Looking past the spokes-goblin, he counted a mere 6 more, and carrying no better than stone tipped spears.

“You think because you are big that you are powerful. You think that you are smart. You think that you have the upper foot.

“I think you mean ‘upper hand’, don’t you?” Rathgar mocked.

“No. I spoke correctly. You would step on us, rather than let us pass. Yes?

Rathger paused before answering. “Yeah, probably.”

“We will not be stepped on.” The goblin raised a gauntleted hand above his head. “We will pass. Now.” With that, he opened his hand, and a little red blur flew directly at Rathgar’s forehead.

- - - - -

“Ow ow ow ow ow ow....” Rathgar thought as he opened his eyes. “What happened?”

Allianora helped him to sit up. “I was hoping you could tell me. You left to get water, and when you didn’t come back we came to check on you.”


“That would explain why you’re not wearing pants. I suppose they took your sword too?”

Bouncing Ball

This red rubber ball is always found held in the fingers of a steel gauntlet. When thrown it will bounce wildly. Anyone in its path will suffer 1d4 points of damage (save vs Death Ray for half - critical failure causes unconsciousness) and be distracted (-2 to all rolls and AC) for the round. If thrown in a confined space, the damage increased to 2d4+2. The wearer of the gauntlet may recall the ball automatically.


  1. "we will not be stepped on" - great line!

  2. Great start to the A-Z! I especially love the alliteration; I'll be rooting for you, in part to see the alliteration succeed through the month.

  3. Now this is a weapon I like.