Thursday, April 12, 2012

King's Keep

The ruins hinted that had once been a place of strength; a small but well built fortification on the edge of civilization. Now precariously leaning walls seemed to be held together with the vines that grew on them, and piles of rubble showed where the vines had failed.

“This is it.” Feris said, looking up from the parchment.

“This is it?” Rathgar grumbled, waving his hand across the ruins “This... is it?!?”

“Yes it is. Glorious isn’t it?” replied Feris, oblivious to Rathgar’s growing annoyance.

“I don’t understand.” Allianora said. “This is the King’s Keep?”

“But there isn’t anything here.” Nimble whined.

“Ahh, but you’re wrong. The keep is here, and it’s ours!” Feris began to walk forward through the ruins. As he did, the remaining walls seemed to straighten, and stones began to roll, tumble, and bounce their way back into the form they once held.

By the time Feris had reached the main door of the keep, the entire structure had been rebuilt before his companion’s eyes.

“Feris, what is this place?” Nimble asked as he caught up with him at the great door.

Feris picked up a large iron key from the ground, and inserted it into the keyhole. “I told you... This is the King’s Keep, and it’s ours. Come on in.”

King’s Keep

This small castle can never be truly destroyed, at least not without the use of Wish level magics. As long as the keep is claimed, the magic of the castle will rebuild any damage at sunrise, or as soon as it is claimed by a new master if more than a day has past since it was last owned.


  1. OOh, imagine a castle that can never be destroyed? Where can I get one?


    A to Z co-host

  2. Your descriptive writing is wonderful. I could see it all.

  3. Nice post. Do you write role-playing games? :-)

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