Friday, April 20, 2012

Radiant Raiment

Lifting open the lid of the chest revealed carefully packed bundles. Nimble checked each over before touching any of them while his companions occupied themselves with a variety of tasks. Rathgar was just outside the door in the dungeon hall keeping an ear out. Feris was boiling up some broth for everyone, while Allianora patched up a tear in her chainmail.

“Ok” Nimble said finally. Everyone’s attention was instantly focused on the large chest. “I’m pretty sure it’s safe.”

Carefully opening the first bundle in the chest, Nimble revealed a large golden sunburst “Oh... Allianora said.

The next bundle was opened, revealing more gold, this time in the form of various sun-themed jewelry and ornaments. The last bundle contained white robes.

“Gentlemen, I believe I will have to lay claim to these.”

“But-” Rathgar’s hand on Nimble’s shoulder ended the objection.

After their rest, Allianora donned the godly attire, and lead her companions past the great double doors with the Danse Macabre and into the Quiet Halls. The golden sunburst framed her head like a halo, and she seemed to glow with divine power.

“Is it really a good idea to be glowing like a frelling beacon down here?” Nimble whispered to Feris as they trailed behind.

Radiant Raiment

The appearance of these vestments varies by faith, but they all provide similar benefits. Anyone of the faith wearing these robes will be under the effects of a constant Protection from Evil, Light 15’, and a magical +3 bonus to AC. In addition the wearer will be able to Turn Undead as a level 2 cleric. If the character is already a cleric, they will turn undead as if 3 levels higher.

It is impossible to wear any armor with the robes, or to cover/disguise them with mundane or magical means.

If worn by someone of a different faith, it will have no magical powers at all. If worn by someone of an opposing faith they will suffer the effects of a Curse spell as if cast by a level 20 caster.

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