Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Umbrella of the Unknown Man

Nimble blinked at the empty alley. Mere moments before there was a blue shed and a strange man, and now, just the wet cold empty alley that he’d passed through an hour or two ago. Nimble shivered as a big raindrop slipped under his collar and down his neck. Lifting the black umbrella, Nimble opened it up, protecting him from further drops down his shirt. Pulling the umbrella down low over his head he headed back toward his companions.

The rain began to fall in heavy sheets, and the rumble of thunder rolled through the city. In a blinding flash of light Nimble found himself flat on his back in a very cold puddle, his hand still clutching the umbrella. The ringing in his ears prevented him from hearing the laughing of a figure that floated down from the darkness above.

His smile was framed by a dark well trimmed beard and cold hard eyes. His tasteful and expensive robes remained dry in spite of the driving rain. His lips moved, but Nimble still couldn’t hear anything. The wizard’s smile lessened, and he mouthed with exaggerated emphasis “Where is he?”

“Where’s Who?” Nimble yelled.

The wizard nodded his head yes and mouthed something else that Nimble didn’t catch. Pushing himself out of the puddle, Nimble stood, and shook his head. Stealthily he drew a dagger, and as he seemed to adjust himself, tossed it at the wizard. The blade froze in mid-air, the tip a mere inch from his throat. “Frelling wizards...” Nimble swore.

The well dressed man stretched out his hand and a bolt of lightning shot out from his fingertips. Nimble reflexively dropped the umbrella to shield him from the bolt, and while he again was knocked down to the ground, he remained unhurt, and the umbrella intact. “Fancy that...” Picking himself again off the ground he took a quick look at the wizard, and then bolted down a side alley.

Umbrella of the Unknown Man

This simple black umbrella will protect its bearer and anyone under or behind its shield from any and all electrical damage. The umbrella is large enough to shield up to 3 people, if they huddle tightly together.


  1. Could use an umbrella like that :)
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  2. Hi Kate,
    Glad you enjoyed it, and I think we could all use an umbrella like that!