Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A to Z Challenge Review

What a month! A hearty Congratulations!! to those who made it all the way through. I thought I had a decent mix of topics, and while some were clearly better posts than others, that can be said for any month. I do feel like I cheated a little bit with R, but that was a really rough week, school-wise, plus I think it ended up being a little funny.

Below is the list of the posts, and a description of what actual content can be found within.
A is for Adventurers
B is for Bards
C is for Chaotic Neutrals
D is for Derring-do
E is for Elevators
F is for Flotsam and jetsam - Chart of random flotsam and jetsam
G is for Games Workshop - Pictures of my GW minis
H is for High-level campaigns
I is for Immolation - Chart - results of attacking with flaming object
J is for Jinn
K is for Khorne - pictures of my Khorne 40k army
L is for Loot - Treasure Rumors chart
M is for Maps - Scans of some new maps!
N is for Necropolis
O is for Orphan - What type of orphan are you chart
P is for Portals - Random portal appearance chart
Q is for Quest Giver
R is for Rest
S is for Shadows
T is for Thuol - Reimagined monster Hoq-Goblin
U is for Underdark - New Magic Lantern
V is for Virginia's Style
W is for Walking Cactus - New Monster
X is for X marks the spot! - Map appearance
Y is for Ygg - New Magic Item - Eye of Odin
Z is for Zombie - Random Zombie Variants

Looking back, these the ones I feel were the 5 strongest posts of the challenge (in no particular order).
T is for Thoul
Y is for Ygg
Z is for Zombie
F is for Flotsam and jetsam
O is for Orphan

And these were the weakest (also in no particular order).
J is for Jinn - I meant to do a chart for bottle styles and just couldn’t get to it.
K is for Khorne - Picture post
G is for GW - Picture post
Q is for Quest Giver - Meant to add some examples or a random chart
C is for Chaotic Neutral - Ah, naval gazing...

R was going to be Rakasta, but I ran out of time, and actually, really, needed the day off. I plan on revisiting that topic later, but who knows when.

My general feeling is that I’m not such a hot Dungeon Master or Blogger that I can get away with advice/editorial posts frequently. Besides that, I don’t really enjoy them as much. I’d much rather create new dungeons, monster, and treasures.

I’ve created a PDF file of all 26 entries, and you can download it here! I think it's my best looking PDF to date! If you check it out, let me know!


  1. Well done making it to the end :) Nice idea of putting them altogether as a PDF. Going to do something like that, but only for my mini-adventures.

  2. That's so cool that you were able to make a PDF of your A-Z posts. I really enjoyed many of yours last month. I wouldn't put all of mine in that format, but the challenge sure was fun to do :)

  3. Thank you! Making the PDF is easy, I just used Word 2007.

    @Simon - I'd snag a download of your mini adventures!

    @retrorpg - I'm not sure that they were all worth it, but I am something of a completionist... It would have been weird to leave some out.

  4. I'm trudging along trying to visit the many blogs I missed during the Challenge. I did want to congratulate you on finishing the alphabet with us. Thanks for being a part of the 2011 Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

    Tossing It Out