Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sample Dungeon Rooms 24-26

Ok, first up, the numbering on this map is just a little nuts. First there were the combined rooms. Fine, dealt with that. Now we go from room 23 to room 24... and they’re no where near each other! It doesn’t flow at all! 24 should be at the end of the long hall running from the secret door to room 3. Weird. Also several of the room numbers don’t seem to be very well defined. Because of this oddity, I’m going to mark out which area goes with which room number. This is purely for the sake of my own sanity... I’m tempted to just redraw the map, but I think that might go against the basic concept. So instead I’ll use the magic power of the highlighter.

Ok, that’s a little clearer.

Room 24 contains both a trap and a treasure. 300 silver and 60 gold. Now 24 is a large area, so where to stick the trap? My inclination is the western dead end. I’ve already include a capture trap (21), a pit trap (17) a couple of trapped doors, and this will be the last trap of the dungeon. Maybe a pocket of explosive gas? Or a weakness poison!

Room 25 is a special, and I’ve been inspired by ChicagoWiz mentioning Strange Winds from Ultima III. I’ve never actually played that one, but the idea of a room that blows out torches? Love it!

Room 26 is a monster. A single Darkmantle hides at the top of the 20 foot ceiling in the dark. It’s also managed to accumulate 4,000sp!

The Rooms!

24. Branching Paths
These corridors contain a higher amount of detritus and debris then previously explored sections. A musty smell permeates the area, stronger the closer to 34 you get. Anyone exploring the dead end to the northwest will be confronted with a large pile of goblin and kobold refuse. Anyone willing to spend 2d6 turns digging through it will discover a small heavy chest stashed here by a kobold shaman. Written on it, in common, goblin, and low draconic, is “Death or Do not touch!” The locked chest itself contains 2 traps. The first is a poison needle trap, which if triggered will cause the victim to suffer 1d8 points of strength damage (recoverable at a rate of 1 per day). The second is a bladder full of explosive gas that will rip when the chest is opened. If there is a flame near the chest when it happens it will cause 1d10 points of damage to anyone within 10’ of the chest. The chest contains 300sp and 60gp.

25. Strange Winds
A strong wind blows from the northeastern section of this area, which has kept it mostly clear of debris. Any non-magical light brought into the corridor will cause the wind to briefly gust, extinguishing it automatically. The wind seems to funnel into 27. The hall running from room 3 is oddly undisturbed by the wind.

26 Like another hole in the head
This area contains the nearly skeletal remains of several kobolds, all of whom have odd puncture wounds on their skulls. Hiding in the shadows above along the center line of the 20’ tall ceiling is a darkmantle. It will avoid attacking anyone wearing a helm or in a group larger than 3. Tipped on it’s side is a chest with carrying poles that contains 4,000sp.


  1. That's how I felt when I was doing this. It isn't a well-designed map, really, is it? Glad to see you're finishing it off though; and your comments and notes are insightful. I didn't do that with mine, couldn't really think of anything to say.

  2. I'm mostly just writing whatever it is that comes to mind as I look at what I rolled, and try to make it fit with some sense!