Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sample Dungeon Project Rooms 36-39

Room 36 is empty. I decided to make use of Tricks, Empty Rooms, and Basic Trap Design for this one, and I rolled a cell. That’ll work. You can never have too many cells in a dungeon! I’m going to stick a dead wererat in there, in hybrid form. The kobolds caught it alone, and brought it here and starved it to death.

Room 37 is a special. Using Hack & Slash’s Endless Bag of Tricks I came up with some hanging plants that burn. I’m picturing something that looks like ivy, but orange instead of green, and hanging down to about 4’ above the floor.

Room 38 is a monster. My random chart tells me it’s some kobolds. 11 of them to be precise, and they’ve got 3,000 cp. These kobolds will be related to the ones in room 3. As the bandits don’t really know how many of them there are, they probably swap out, and the coins are the payment they’ve collected from the bandits.

Room 39 is a monster. I decided to go off book for this one, and not roll on my dungeon stocking chart. Ever since I read about the Stair Stalker, I knew I had to have one in my megadungeon. These stairs will go down to map 2D stairs B.

The Rooms:

36. Trapped Like A...
This room is divided into 3 cells. Each cell includes a wooden bed-frame, a stool and a copper pot. The cell in the southeastern corner of the room is occupied by the body of a wererat. It is fairly fresh, and a close examination will reveal numerous self-inflicted bite wounds and a highly emaciated form. The bed in the middle cell (in the SW corner) hides a small doorway that will be found automatically by anyone searching the room

37. Is It Hot In Here?
A system of roots supports a strange hanging vine that covers the ceiling and the north and east walls. The plant hangs down to about 4’ from the floor, and seems to undulate ever so slightly. It’s bright orange leaves are veined in yellow, and flutter at the slightest disturbance. The room is warm and somewhat humid. Anyone touching the vines must make a saving throw vs poison or suffer 1d4+1 points of chemical burns. Behind the vines on the northern corner of the east wall is a hole leading to 36.

38. More Fun Than...
This round chamber, hidden behind a secret door, is decorated with rugs, tapestries, and surprisingly plush pillows. It is currently inhabited by 11 kobolds who are in the process of planning a raid on the goblins. Behind one of the tapestries on the wall is a fairly accurate map of rooms 24-39. There is also a hidden stash of 3,000 cp which they will use to bargain with either for assistance with the goblins, or as a bribe to prevent being attacked.

39. What’s Green and Shaggy and Goes Up and Down?
Anyone approaching this area will hear the slow shuffle of the stair stalker reaching the top of the stairs, and the gentle clink of the 41gp it carries in a leather sack. If presented with a single gold for every person, it will allow them to pass. Otherwise they will have to follow behind. Attacking or trying to barge past without paying will result in a violent reply. Anyone tossed down the stairs will take 4d4 points of damage before coming to a rest at one of the many platforms of the stairs down to map 2D stairs B.

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