Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sample Dungeon Project Rooms 18-20

I haven’t been sharing how I’ve been stocking this sample dungeon, and I feel like I should. Carter Soles over at the Lands of Ara is doing a really good job of it, so I’m going to emulate his style somewhat in order to show my thought process.

Room 18 - Now, when we left off I wrote that I had figured out the issue with rooms 17 and 18. Well, room 18 is the room at the bottom of the pit, and it’ll be a 30’x30’ room. The pit drops anyone unfortunate enough to fall down it into the middle of the room. I rolled a monster for the room, and the result was zombies! One toss of 2d4 results in 4 zombies, and zombies have no treasure.

Room 19 - The dungeon stocking roll for this small room indicates treasure. Rolling on the chart for unguarded treasure on page 261 of the Rules Cyclopedia I came up with a haul of 300sp and 600gp! Who would just leave treasure lying about? No one! It’s hidden... probably by the bandits that inhabit this section.

Room 20 - The roll for this room called for a Special. I want to tie it into the waterfall dividing rooms 14 and 16, so there will be a column of water flowing from the floor to the ceiling, not contained by anything, but still flowing he wrong direction. If the players disrupt the water, it will interrupt the flow between room 14 and 16, allowing free passage.

So that results in the following:

18. Zombie Trap
This 30x30 room is only accessible via the pit trap in room 17. Standing at the bottom of the pit trap are 4 musty, dusty zombies waiting for their next meal. Due to landing on the waiting zombies the falling damage is reduced to 1d6. However the character is automatically entangled. The remains of previous victims can be found scattered around the edges of the chamber.

19. Stash
This small chamber has a single flagstone outlined in chalk, and a warning message saying “danger” upon it. Anyone checking for traps will immediately notice that the outlined stone appears to be a pressure plate.The former bandits’ leader, the trusting souls he was, stashed away a sizable fortune under this untrapped loose stone on the floor.

20. Water Column
In the northwest corner of the room is a 1 foot diameter column of water flowing from the floor to the ceiling. Disrupting the flow of water to the ceiling will cause this room to flood and cut off the curtain of water between 14 and 16. Barring major magics, the flow will eventually be restored, usually by the time the adventurers next return to either this room or 14/16.

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