Friday, May 6, 2011

Sample Dungeon Project Rooms 21-23

Sample Dungeon Project Rooms 21-23

Rolls and Thoughts:

Room 21 - This room indicated a trapped treasure. I started by rolling up the treasure itself. 500sp and 20gp. It was rolling this one up that I realized that the gold in room 19 was off by a factor of 10! Whoops! I’ve got to go fix that. Back to 21; the shape of this room is interesting, and lends itself to being more permanently divided. Another pressure plate could work... One that causes a wall to drop sealing off the east and west sides of the room, and causes the door on the north wall of the eastern side to lock. Maybe then have the room fill with water? No... Gas! Causes a point of damage every turn.

Room 22 - The dungeon stocking roll indicated a monster with treasure, and the monster result is 8 stirges! (which was mentioned back in room 16). The treasure in this case is a 500gp gem. However, I am swapping this out for a nest full of Dark Honey!  Arbitrarily I’ve decided that there will be 3d12 portions that are recoverable, 21 by the dice.

Room 23 - This room indicated another monster with treasure. Once again we get a group of bandits, 6 of them in this little room. What are they doing in this little room with the 200sp I rolled for them? They can gamble in room 9... Perhaps they’re trying to get to the dark honey? Do they have black teeth? Maybe they’re feeding the stirges to get the honey? Or using some sort of smoke bomb to make them dormant?

As I progress through the dungeon I’m discovering things that need to be adjusted, and not just the mistake with the total gold from room 19. I know have an understanding of who the bandits are, and I should tweak some of the previous rooms to reflect that fact. However, that will have to wait for another day!

Final Descriptions:

21. Treasure Trap
This divided chamber contains the usual detritus along the edges and corners of the room. In the center of the eastern chamber is an obvious pressure plate. Unlike the plate in 19, this one is actually trapped. Triggering the plate will cause a wall to drop, separating the two chambers, and cause the door on the north wall of the eastern chamber to slam shut and lock. The room will then begin to fill with a poisonous gas. Anyone in the room while it is thus sealed will take 1hp damage every turn as the gas poisons them. Opening the room will disperse the gas, ending the ongoing damage. Under the pressure plate is small chest with 500sp and 20gp. The gold is mostly on top, making it appear more valuable than it is.

22. Sticky Stirges
A large papery mass fills the eastern corner of the northern end of the room. 8 stirges have built this nest, and have loaded it up with Dark Honey. 21 servings of it may be harvested if done carefully. If care is not taken only 3d6 servings are recovered.

23. Honey-do List
The 6 bandits in this room have donned thick stiff leather and plate outfits (AC4, -50% movement, -1 to hit) with full helms. Also in this room is a barrel of odd looking torches, an assortment of . When lit the torches will emit a foul smelling purple smoke. The smoke will reduce visibility to 10’ in a well lit area, but more importantly, will cause stirges to become sluggish and docile. The effect lasts as long as the smoke persists plus 1d6 turns. The bandits also carry a total of 200sp among them.


  1. Great use of Dark Honey! Nice evolving map key.

  2. I've been waiting to use Dark Honey since I first read it. I thought it'd be a great addition to stirges, and made more sense as a possible treasure than gems.