Friday, May 13, 2011

Sample Dungeon Rooms 30-32

Room 30 is empty, and has a set of downward stairs. It looks like double stairs, which I'm going to take to mean 2 levels down, so these stairs go down to level 3. I haven't drawn the map they go to yet, so I'll just say they go to level 3.

Room 31 is a monster with treasure. It turns out there are 11 goblins in this suddenly very crowded room! Along with 20,000sp!! Holy crap these guys are rich. Ok, we're going to make one goblin special... a goblin king? Naa, don't want to include David Bowie right now. A goblin shaman could work... who is trying to summon David Bowie!

Room 32 is an unguarded treasure. 100 silver and 10 gold. We’re gonna freak the players out with this one. All 110 coins are in a single stack in the middle of the room with one gold on top of every 10 silver. Bwahaha!

Ok, I really need to make a cross referenced list of what stairs go to what room. I’m at the point where it’s becoming difficult to remember.

The Rooms:

30. A Long Dark Walk
These stairs descend to Level 3. A faint sweet odor rises up the stairs, and a variety of goblin graffiti decorate the walls.

31. A Gathering of Goblins
A goblin shaman (lvl 3 - Light, Protection from Evil, Curse) has gathered these 10 goblins together to perform a summoning ritual. The shaman wishes to gain domination of the upper levels of the dungeon, and plans to make a deal with a devil. He has collected 20,000sp as a down payment. The goblins are in the process of applying orange body paint and the Rooms 32 and 33 have already been prepared. The shaman has the key to the ritual rooms.

32. Money at Attention
This locked chamber is inscribed with magical runes in red, black, and yellow paints. Standing in the center of the room is a stack of 110 coins, alternating 10sp for every 1gp.

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