Monday, May 16, 2011

Stair Stalker

Greg over at Gorgonmilk a while back was sharing various monsters from the Fiend Factory articles that appeared in White Dwarf. This was way back before it became a $10 advertisement for whatever overpriced miniature they released. In this series was the Stair Stalker, a creature I keep wanting to call the Stair Creeper.

The Stair Stalker is a rather tough monster with an AC of 0, 3d8+1 HP, and 2 attacks that do d6 damage each. I see him high up in the dungeon because he is so tough, and lower down where higher level adventurers go it’ll be much less of an interesting encounter for the players. While it is a wonderfully creepy monster, I find myself imagining that its actually person cursed to endlessly climb and descend its stairs until it can collect enough gold to break the curse, the sort of thing a witch or fae or petty god would do.

So here he is in the Rules Cyclopedia style.

Armor Class: 0
Hit Dice: 3+1
Move: 30 (90)
Attacks: 2
Damage: 1d6
No. Appearing: 1
Save As: F4
Morale: 10
Treasure Type: S*10
Intelligence: 6
Alignment: Neutral
XP Value: 50
Monster Type: Humanoid

Sometimes known alternately as a Stair Creeper, this shaggy green humanoid prowls up and down the dark, dank stairs of dungeons. It is never found anywhere but the stairs of a dungeon, and attempts to lead it away, even by magical coercion result in violence. Attempts to push past this creature, or to take it’s sack of treasure will also result in violence.Otherwise it generally ignores everything around it. If dealt with peacefully and with a positive reaction roll, it will stretch out its yellow clawed mitt desiring gold to add to it’s sack. While capable of moving with the speed of a man, it tends to move more slowly as it traverses the stairs.

In combat the stair stalker will use its natural habitat to it’s advantage. If the stair stalker manages to strike the same target with both attacks, it will instead grab the victim and toss them down the stairs. It will also sprint up or down the stairs to string out those attacking it, before turning around and taking on fewer opponents.

The Shaggy Stair Creeper
David The Archmage

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