Monday, May 30, 2011

Balticon 45

Balticon is over by only a couple of hours, but I'm dead tired. It was a really good con, even if I didn't get much gaming in. There was a lot of really informative panels, and the masquerade and the short film festival were both solidly entertaining. Unfortunately I couldn't spend all my time at the Con

I didn't take too many pictures, and I already showed you the space monkey man. You've also gotten a preview of the geomorphs I drew. You can expect to be seeing them over the next couple of weeks starting tomorrow. During that time I'll also be putting together PDFs of my posts.

Speaking of, there are only 5 hours to go before the poll closes, and there is currently a tie! Dogs and Magic Items each have 7 votes! Monsters isn't far behind with 5 votes, so there is still time to swing the balance.

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