Tuesday, April 12, 2011

J is for Jinn

Welcome to the Tower of the Archmage’s April A to Z Challenge!

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The Jinn/Genie/Djinn/Efreet/Madrid are natives of the elemental planes, or at least they are prior to the current edition. In the Rules Cyclopedia, out of all the different version of the creatures both greater and lesser only the Greater Efreets are able to grant the wishes that Jinn are traditionally known for, and the Jinn in a bottle doesn’t even do that! It gives the owner control of the lesser Jinn for 101 days. While this is a mighty boon, it lacks the power of Aladdin's Lamp!

Sure, there’s the ring of wishes, but what’s more fun, twisting a ring, or interacting with a primordial/elemental spirit that’s less than thrilled at being tied to a bottle and made to serve a mere mortal?!?

Ok, so this guy doesn't actually look all that put out.

Of course not all are going to be ticked off at having been trapped in a bottle. Maybe they relish the solitude, or perhaps they fall in love with whoever rubs the bottle or lamp?

And don’t think that a spirit trapped in an unlikely receptacle is merely for fantasy games. It can certainly have it’s place in the right sort of sci-fi game too!

R2 gets all the girls!

Go ahead, give that bottle or lamp a rub! The results might surprise you!

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  1. I like stories about genie/jinns...Magic and three wishes. They always say to make your third wish "more wishes" but I think the greediness of that request nullifies the other wishes and you end up with curses instead of blessings.