Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Things you shouldn't miss

Feeling a bit drained at the moment, so I’m going to share some links to cool things.

The Legion of Super-Groomsmen! This is just cool and a wonderful way to bring a little geeky fun into a wedding without going crazy.

Sky Full of Dust gives us The Man on the Corner. This is a table to explain who that guy on the corner is. It’s really useful for any RPG system or genre.

Digital Orc did some Xenomorphs for Labyrinth Lord. Not anything I'd ever want to run into in a dungeon!

Well of the Lonely Man from Sky full of Dust is a wonderfully creepy adventure idea!

Megadungeon Links

Sky Full Of Dust shared DungeonCrawl rules based on the Urbancrawl rules written by Zac.

Hack & Slash has some interesting thoughts on random random encounters vs random planned encounters.

Paladin in Citadel did some musing about bricked up dungeon doorways. More of these should be included in dungeons and Discourses and Dragons shows us how to do it.

If you’re curious, there are some planned, but as yet unwritten posts.
They include:
My Megadungeon Binder - How I organize my inherently unorganized thoughts, doodles, and inspirations.
Morrowind, and why I hated it
Pirate Games (it's not the post you think it is matey...)

Also, Dyson thinks I should Blog Out with My Dog Out! I can get behind that sentiment!


  1. Sorry to read that you are feeling drained.

  2. Thanks for the name check. And the comments :)

    Hope you get back on form soon. Feel a bit down myself, but soldiering on.

  3. Thanks for the link! I made sure to add you to my public and private blogroll!

  4. @whisk - thank you! It isn't anything serious, just a bunch to do.

    @simon - my pleasure! Thanks for posting cool stuff!

    @Dylan - thanks, and don't forget to follow the blog too! Every follower counts!