Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sample Dungeon Rooms 27-29

Room 27 is a special, right next to the strange winds of 25... The effects of the strange winds should therefore continue through 27, extinguishing any non-magical light sources. In addition, the archway on the north wall leading to the corridor going NW will be on Fire! Heck, lets make it the walls and ceiling of the hallway too! Now as this is a special and not a trap, we can have the flames only cause a point of damage per round that anyone spends in the hall. Falling against the walls would do 1d6+1 we’ll say.

Room 28 is empty. It’ll have the toasty remains of a couple of long charred goblins reaching toward the secret door. The walls, floor and ceiling of the room will all be soot covered. The room will be warm, but not too burning. It’s a dry heat, and everyone knows that isn’t as bad!

Room 29 has a monster with treasure. I came up with yet another stirge, but only one this time. It built itself a little nest at the top of the stairs, and has 1d6 servings of Dark Honey.1d2 if collected poorly.

The Rooms:

27. Tunnel of Fire
Strange Winds flow into this room and through the far hall. The noise of the wind is joined by the sounds of the windblown flames that start by encircling the doorway, and continuing down the hall in a swirling vortex of fire. The way is passable, and the floor is generally clear of flame, but anyone traversing the hall will take 1point of damage for every round they spend in the flames. Should anyone fall against the walls the damage will increase to 1d6+1 points of damage, and a saving throw must be made or flammable objects the character is carrying will ignite.

28. Long Slow Bake
At the end of the flaming corridor is a very sooty room, hot and dry. Two goblin corpses that have been baked and undisturbed for a very long time press against the wall at the secret door where they died trying to open it.

29. Cool and Refreshing
This chamber is welcoming and cool. It is also inhabited by a hungry stirge. It has built a small nest with 1d6 servings of Dark Honey if collected properly. 1d2 if removed in haste or without the proper tools.

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