Monday, May 9, 2011

Vertical Geomorphs

I’ve tried my hand at geomorphs a couple of times, with nothing that I think of as success, especially when compared to the amazing efforts of Dyson and Stonewerks. This is why you’ve not seen any of them before. However there was a recent call by Jeff Rients for some vertical geomorphs, and the aforementioned Dyson and Stonewerks danced like the map-making monkeys they say they aren’t.

Today stonewerks posted a nifty dungeon with a tentacle monster on it, and I was inspired.

If you can’t tell, this was drawn on a yellow post it note.


  1. Awesome, I had thought of a giant worm like creature inside a hole, but chose to just go with some mysterious tentacles instead.....which were inspired by M.S. Jackson over at Lapsus Calumni