Saturday, May 21, 2011


The sun was only cresting the horizon as the adventurers made their way along the trail.

“And where do you think you’re going?” A booming voice called out to the adventurers from the woods to their side. Turning to see who called out they viewed a fat, slightly sweaty, centaur. His cheeks and nose had a rosy hue that confirmed that his drinking horn held more than water.

“We’re off to Agodoa.” Allianora replied.

“Bah! You don’t want to go there! Agodoans don’t know how to have a good time. Come! Follow me, and I shall how to really let your party manimal out!” He laughed before continuing. “Hop on my back blond and beautiful! I’ll show you and your friends the way. I was just heading there myself!

“And where would that be?” Nimble asked.

“To the races! The winner of the big one gets a jeweled crown, but everyone has a good time. Ha! Well, maybe not the losers, but everyone else!”

“We really aren’t in a hurry...” Nimble offered to his companions.

“I’ve got some spare coin that I could put down on a race or three...” Rathgar said.

Allianora looked skeptical, and they all turned to Feris. “Well, it is a nice day.”

“That settles it then!” The centaur cried out.

“What shall we call you?” Allianora asked.

“I am Kegasus, Lord of the Infield Fest and Prince of Preakness! Come hop up.” He patted his back.

As she dubiously approached he said “I’ll help you get your Preak on!” and he waggled his eyebrows at her.

Kegasus is a centaur of base pleasures, and is the mascot of the Preakness Stakes which is running today. He would use the usual centaur stats, and he would carry an ever-full horn of ale as his badge of office.

For those who don’t know, the Preakness is the second of the Triple Crown of horse racing, the other two being the Belmont and the Kentucky Derby.

And yes, the Kegaus really is this year’s mascot, and last year’s catch phrase really was “get your Preak on.”

He even has a theme song...