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U is for Underdark

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"Where are we?" Nimble grumbled.

"Lost" Feris answered. "Same as the last time you asked..."

"Guys!" Allianora snapped. "We need to get Rathgar out of here. Any ideas?"

"What about that lamp that Spider Priest sold us a while back?" Feris asked.

"We'll have to use a diamond to light the thing down here!" Nimble complained.

"If you'd have remembered where the stairs out of here were, we wouldn't need to!" Feris said accusingly. "So light the thing, and lets get the hell out of here!

Light of the World

The Light in the Dark

When lit in a dungeon this lamp will direct it's bearer to the most direct passage to the surface by casting light in the direction they need to go. The lamp does not avoid any danger, be it traps, monsters, or anything else, so care must be taken.

in order to light the lamp, a stone must be placed where the wick would usually be. Depending on the distance to the surface, a different value stone must be used. No matter what stone is used, the light will continue to shine for 1d4+1 turns, making it's use a potentially expensive prospect.

Dungeon Stone
Level Cost
1 50gp
2 100gp
3 250gp
4 600gp
5 1,500gp
6 4,500gp
7 10,000gp
8 25,000gp
9 50,000gp
10+ 100,000gp

The Underdark is the 4th edition name given to the vast mythic underworld that has been a part of Dungeons and Dragons from it's very beginning. One of the most important things for surface dwellers when venturing into the Underdark is getting back out again. Teleportation magics aren't always reliable, and paths can twist, bend back, cross over, and run under in ways that will give a map maker a constant migraine. This item can help, but at a cost.

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