Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sample Dungeon Project Rooms 33-35

Room 33 is another unguarded treasure with 100 silver pieces. Ok, I did the weird coin stacking thing in room 32... Here’s a variation. 10 stacks of 10 laid out in a perfect circle.... and red and yellow pigments used to form a pair of overlapping pentagrams. One pentagram wont hold David Bowie!

Room 34 is a monster. 8 Giant Rats! Awesome! Everyone loves rodents of unusual size (even if they don’t think they really exist). Also since I have an excess of wererats in lower levels, these guys are probably the pack they get their guard rats from.

Room 35 is empty. However it is a fantastic area, and is going to need some really wonderful stuff even if there aren’t any monsters, treasures, traps, or specials to be found. Lots and lots of skeletons, and faint whisperings...

The Rooms:

33. The High Cost of Summoning
The door to this chamber has been marked with a wide variety of warnings, hexes, and ghastly “keep out” tokens. The Goblin Shaman has prepped this chamber for the summoning ritual, and wants no one to disturb his preparations. The walls of the chamber are covered completely with various magical wards and writings. The floor is marked with a pair of overlapping pentagrams in red and yellow. At every point is a stack of 10 silver pieces.

34. I Smell A Rat!
This chamber reeks of musky excrement, and is full of debris and detritus, causing everyone to move at half speed. Moving too far into the room will attract the notice of the 8 giant rats that call this mess home. They are well fed, but highly aggressive. There is a 5% chance that a wererat will be visiting the pack.

35. Those Who Sleep
The twisting passages and dead ends of this area are full of niches, alcoves, and shelves all full of funerary urns, shrouded skeletons, and other ghastly tokens. All are old, dry and brittle, and many have been disturbed in their everlasting slumber by those searching for treasure. Some seem to have been returned to their original positions after having been disturbed. A nearly constant and barely audible whispering can be heard.