Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Unbreakable Bone of Volstruis

“What do you make of that?”  Feris asked softly, pointing to the shaggy hound by the fire.

“It’s a dog with a big bone.  Maybe cow?” Rathgar said before popping a breaded chunk of meat into his mouth. 

“Yeah, but it looks magical.” Feris whispered.

“Who’d enchant a dog bone?”  Nimble wondered. 

“That’s the wrong question.” Rathgar pointed out. “The correct question is how much have you had to drink?  You’re seeing things!”

At the hearth, the dog continued to enjoy her favorite bone, unconcerned about the wizard’s interest.  It never lasted long.  That terrier of the baker on the other hand, that ne’er-do-well needed watching.      

Unbreakable Bone of Volstruis

It is said that Volstruis was an ancient green dragon, a foul creature of dark sorcery, slain by the Paladin Maximus.  Upon conquering the wyrm, he had fashioned from its body a suit of armor, a great shield, and barding for his horse.  It was then stripped for its bones, organs, blood, and teeth by Maximus’ young wizard follower, who for a long time went about creating a wide variety of enchanted objects.  One of his early attempts was to create an enchanted bone club.  Unfortunately he didn’t properly clean the bone first, and while the resulting item did functioned as a lightly enchanted club, it was impossible to hold onto.  Somehow, the bone retained just enough dragon meat to be forever greasy enough to slip from the grasp of anyone trying to use it as a weapon.  The unbreakable bone did eventually find a purpose, one that it has been used for ever since.

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