Monday, January 10, 2011

Starter Traveller - Subsector & Spreadsheet

I thought that after putting together the whole subsector, writing it up, mapping it out, and even putting it on a spreadsheet, that others might be interested in it.  So I put cleaned up versions of all my descriptions, and the map into a PDF for you to download.  The spreadsheet, which is useful for sorting the planets by any of their coded features is available too!

Subsector PDF

Subsector Spreadsheet

In putting together my subsector I did use a few resources that didn't come from the starter books.  First off, I'm bad at names, and with 49 systems (slightly more than the 50% that I would have rolled statistically) I found a useful name generator - Amaranth Traces and Thraesja SG-1 name generator that helped me fill in my map.  I also occasionally used Kinkret Web Dice Roller rather than rolling my own dice.

I also want to thank Alex Schroeder specifically for his subsector mapping program.   After I posted my hand drawn map he linked in his comments to it, and I decided to give it a try.  It took a few tries to get my data formatted correctly, and Alex had to make a few tweaks to his program to make allowances for some differences between Starter Traveler and Mongoose's edition. 

Subsector Map PDF - Check out how much nicer this is than my hand drawn map!  There are different trade routes, but I'm totally ok with that, as I was kind of making it up anyway.

I hope that these downloads and links are helpful for anyone interested in Traveller.

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