Monday, January 31, 2011

Starter Traveller – Now What?

Sitting before you is a box full of tools and parts. Bit by bit you’ve put together various subassemblies, but now it’s time to put the whole thing together. What will it look like when you’re done? It’s hard to say. There is no one way to play a Traveller campaign. What Starter Traveller does do is give you a nice framework upon which to build the adventures of your choosing.

The last section of the rule book is advice on how to run a Traveller game and campaign. The advice given is actually rather interesting, and different from any of the rule books I’ve previously read.  It covers the Basics, the Gimmick (things like psionics that players earn and continue to benefit from throughout the game), the Pull (players goals), the Push (things players don’t like, but keep coming up anyway), and the Enigma (the things players don’t know, but want to).

Following this page of advice is a section of prewritten patron encounters. They provide the patron, and the request, and then each has a chart which may throw wrinkles into the scenario. 

Thus ends the rule book. The next two installments will focus on the two adventures that come with the starter set.

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