Thursday, January 6, 2011

Starter Traveller - Subsector Map

Before we get to my map, I want to point out that the rulebook does not tell you how different systems generally link up as far as communication and x-routes go.  It merely suggests that not everything be connected, so that players can explore.  The same goes with determining whether a systems is a Green, Amber, or Red Zone. 

There isn't a map key, but any system with a  planet has a circle in the middle.  A gas giant is represented by a dot on the upper right side of the hex.  A navy base is represented by a star on the left, and a scout base is a triangle.  The starport type is the letter above the planet, and the amber and red zones are pretty clear.  Trade routes are in blue.  

My map was hand drawn on an enlarged copy of the blank map found in the starter set itself.  For those with more time and a greater proficiency with GIMP than I have, there are downloadable Traveller specific brushes.  If anyone feels like remaking my map, I wouldn't mind!


  1. I do my maps using my Traveller Subsector Mapper which generates SVG maps (requires Firefox or similar browser). It uses the suggestions made in the Mongoose Traveller rules.

  2. Found the blog post explaining how the communication and trade routes are added to the SVG file...

  3. Cool stuff.....If you get a chance you may be interested in my Friday "Mystery Meat" post tomorrow.

  4. I always like to see everyones personal maps for traveller. :-)

    My random generator is here:

  5. I've been making mine in Campaign Cartographer. Very pretty.

    But also pretty time consuming.

    Alex's generator looks cool.